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How to make a dog bandana: tutorial

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How to make a dog bandana: tutorial

The dog bandana is an all-purpose accessory that will make your dog look cuter and more elegant than ever!

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, dog bandanas also have many practical advantages:

  • Protect from the sun's rays,
  • Keep cool in hot weather by moistening the bandana
  • "Capture some of your dog's hair, and avoid having to pick it up everywhere.

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We will now, through this DIY (Do It Yourself) article, detail all the steps to make your own dog bandana, easy and cheap!


DIY : how to make your own dog bandana

1) Materials needed

diy sewing dog bandana

Before we begin, here is the list of materials you will need in order to complete this tutorial:

  • a piece of fabric: you can choose the color, patterns and texture of your choice. It is advisable to take a thick enough fabric for more resistance.
  • a sewing machine, or failing that, a needle and knitting thread
  • A pair of scissors (sewing scissors if possible, to have a cleaner cut)
  • sewing thread
  • a dog collar
  • a dog bandana pattern or a ruler and pencil


2) steps to make a dog bandana

  • Choose the fabric you want
  • Cut your piece of fabric in double thickness (fold the piece of fabric in half to get a double thickness), following the pattern on the image below:

pattern bandana dog royalbandana

PS: To determine the size of your bandana, measure the length of your dog's collar and divide it by 2. Choose the bandana pattern that matches this measurement.

  • Hem the bandana all the way around

Fold a hem of about 1/2 cm (you can iron it so that it is cleaner and holds well).

sewing the dog bandana

  • Sew the hem (with a sewing machine or by hand)
  • Create the "pocket" to put the collar in your dog's bandana

To create the collar pocket, fold the top of your bandana over so that the edges match the corners at the top of the triangular section.

Then pin and sew the long edge of this "pocket" to the front of your bandana.

The collar pocket will ensure that the bandana stays in place at all times.

Put on the dog bandana collar

  • Sew the "pocket" on the front of your bandana

Tip: Before sewing, test fit your dog's collar inside first to make sure everything is right.

  • Place the collar inside

And that's it! Now all you have to do is put the bandana around your dog's neck to make him look cuter than ever!

PS: this can also be a great and cheap gift idea for people around you who are completely crazy about their dog.

bandana for dog collar model

Can we put a "classic" bandana on a dog?

Yes, you can!

buy bandana for dog royalbandana

It should be noted, however, that depending on your dog, and especially its energy level, a classic bandana may still deteriorate more quickly than a dog bandana made on purpose, and therefore, usually much thicker.

However, if you're not afraid of that, you can totally use a classic bandana for your dog

In fact, there are many ways to attach a dog bandana and make your dog look completely cute!

dog with royal bandana

Now you know how to make your own dog bandana, easily and cheaply.

For ideas on styles and patterns, feel free to check out our collection of dog bandanas!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have fun with your dog!

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