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Bandana for Men

Sublimate your style with our collection of the most beautiful bandanas for men. Bandana-for-Men-royalbandana


Put them in your hair or around your neck like a scarf.

What is a bandana?

A classic bandana is usually a triangular or square piece of fabric. Bandanas (kerchiefs) have been used in the fashion industry for several decades.

It is usually characterized by a white, black or red paisley pattern. A bandana is a truly timeless accessory. It can be made of cotton or polyester and is available in many different colors.


1. Brief history of the bandana

Bandanas are believed to have their origin on the Indian continent, in the form of brightly colored silk or cotton fabrics. Today, they are made in a wide range of colors, patterns, fabrics and sizes.

Bandanas with printed patterns are multifunctional accessories that have survived through the ages and have been adopted by many groups:

  • The legendary pirates,
  • American gangs,
  • bikers and motorcyclists,
  • Sportsmen and women: cycling, tennis, basketball, ...

2. What are bandanas made of?

  • Cotton or cotton blends. Cotton is a light, soft and breathable material that is also easy to fold and makes you feel comfortable wearing it. This material is ideal for casual and elegant looks.
  • Silk or satin. They're perfect for colder climates because of their ability to retain heat. The silk bandana is great for adding a touch of extravagance to your look.
  • Polyester: Lightweight and very durable, they are perfect for summer.


    Our best Bandana for men


    There are many bandanas for men, so the choice is not always obvious. This is why, at RoyalBandana, we have decided to select for you a list of the best men's bandannas with paisley print in our opinion:

    • American Flag Bandana : if you're a true American patriot, it's the bandana (kerchief) that you'll need.
    • Tie Dye Bandana : perfect to bring color and good humor to your style.
    • Mexican Flag Bandana : if you are Mexican or simply love this country, then this bandana will suit you perfectly.
    • Grey Bandana : color that can match with everything, it can be easily worn with any of your outfits.
    • 2pac Bandana : a bandana in honor of this rap legend.
    • Brown Bandana : simple, elegant and discreet, easy to wear.
    • Gangster Bandana : if you are looking for a street or gangster look, this bandana will bring you complete satisfaction.

    Buy a bandana for man

    Buy a bandana from our wide collection of men's bandanas: from hip-hop style (with the red Bloods bandana and the blue Crips bandana, for example), to vintage or even cowboy style, there's something for everyone.

    No matter how you tie it, whether for sport or fashion, a bandana is the fashion accessory that is sure to bring a unique touch of elegance to your look.


    How do I wear a man's bandana?

    How to tie this fashionable apparel? How to wear it?

    This fashion accessory can be worn in different ways and is perfect to add a unique touch of elegance to your look:

    1. Around the neck like a scarf


    This is probably the easiest and most popular way to wear a bandana. Simply fold it, place it around your neck and tie a knot in the front or on one side.

    If your bandana is big enough, you can even wear it as a scarf. Just one thing to follow: pay attention to the color of your bandana.

    Choose bolder tones like red bandana or black to add emotion or opt for neutral, softer tones for outfits that already have color. You can wear a bandana to complete a T-shirt and leather jacket look. Bandanas can also be used to cool or warm the neck, depending on how they are tied.

    2. Knotted around the head like a headband

    For a more rock-and-roll look, you can try attaching your bandana around your head, like a headband, it's perfect to get an assertive style.

    But this method is best for occasional street style occasions like festivals or concerts. Lay it flat, fold it lengthwise several times until it turns into a long, narrow rectangle and tie it around your head.


    It's perfect for summer days. You can wear it in many original colors: purple, brown, khaki, ... the only limit is your imagination. You can also try to wear it with a hat, for example.

    3. Around the wrist

    Another simple yet incredibly elegant and subtle way to wear a bandana is to wrap it around your wrist. This look is a perfect match for classic paisley-patterned bandanas.

    Don't be too neat, you don't have to fold it perfectly, because a bandana around the wrist looks best when worn in a slightly messy way.

    4. Like a pocket handkerchief

    A bandana can be incredibly versatile. Perfect even for special occasions, a bandana can easily be folded and placed in your jacket pocket (as a pocket-square) for a quick and easy touch of elegance.

    A bandana with a striking pattern or bright color will stand out, while subtle patterns will blend into the decor. Also note the size and weight of the bandana fabric - choose a thicker bandana, so it will stick out of the pocket.

    It is also essential to remember to iron your bandana before using it as a pocket square.

    5. Around the ankle or leg


    An ankle is not the first place to consider tying a scarf. However, it can give a more casual look. Tying a bandana to your ankle will help distinguish the outfit.

    If you're wearing a simple outfit like jeans and a white shirt, try matching it with a bandana around your lower leg. This will definitely add sparkle to your look.

    6. On your bag

    If you don't feel like wearing a bandana, but still want to spice things up a bit, a good choice is to tie it around your backpack. Whether you're flying through the airport or going to a meeting, this style will add a little romance to your overall look. Simple and elegant.

    7. On the face like a hood or neck wrap

    You can choose to attach your bandana to your face the western way for an original style, guaranteed effect.

    Although the bandana is associated with western movies, rappers, bikers or pirates, they are much more than that. It's an incredibly interesting accessory to add to your wardrobe.

    They are perfect to accessorize your outfit or your hair. All it takes is a few different bandanas - they can work for any season or occasion and create a playful yet elegant look.

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