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Yellow Bandana


Add a touch of color and cheerfulness to your style with one of our many yellow bandanas. You won't go unnoticed!


Yellow Bandana meaning

A very strong and luminous color, yellow gives an impression of warmth and light.

It is thus the most often symbol of good mood and happiness.

It can also be synonymous with logic, personal power and humor.

Interesting fact: Some fashion designers use yellow in their collections to enhance the complexion of the people wearing the garment.

The yellow bandana is thus part, with the green bandana for example, of the bandanas a little more exotic than the others, but still beautiful.



1. Bandana : cow-boy & history

The bandanas (kerchiefs), introduced by the builders of the Far West and other cowboys, were back in fashion during the 1960s and 1970s, and soon after integrated into the styles of young people in the 1980s.

As well worn within the framework of everyday life as well as sports, the bandana is adopted by many male and female athletes.


Adapting to all aspects and situations, it is always wonderful to have a bandana (kerchief) inside your closet.

Trendy, subtle and authentic, it does not take up much space.
You will be able to take it conveniently everywhere with you and store it at the bottom of a pocket or a bag when you no longer feel the need for it.


2. Gang : Latin Kings


The bandana is also a popular accessory for American gangs, who use it mostly as an apparent symbol of gang membership.

Each gang has a specific bandana color.

The yellow bandana, for example, is associated with Latin Kings gangs.

An American gang composed mainly of Latino and Mexican, it is one of the best known gangs with the Crips (represented by the blue bandana) and the Bloods (represented by a red bandana).


3. Yellow bandana & Hanky Code

In addition to this aspect of fashion or gang membership, the yellow bandana, like all other bandana colors, also had a very specific meaning in the Hanky code.

Indeed, the hanky code is a movement of the gay community which consisted in wearing a bandana in the back pocket of his pants.

Each color had a very specific meaning, and thus made it possible to let other members of the community know their sexual preferences and orientations with a simple glance, even before starting a conversation.

This practice was especially prevalent in the 70s and 80s, but today it is much more discreet and less widespread, although it still exists.


Our best yellow Bandanas


In addition to these many meanings and uses throughout history, the yellow bandana with paisley print exists in many variants and colors (from the lightest to the darkest, including fluorescent yellow).

At RoyalBandana, we offer you our Top 5 of the most stylish yellow bandannas:

  • Gold Bandana : symbol of luxury and wealth, this gold color will leave no one indifferent.
  • Funny Bandana : to add a touch of good mood and fun to your outfit, this is the bandanna to have.
  • Survivor Bandana : simple and visible with its yellow color, it is the perfect bandana to accompany you in your expeditions like a veritable adventurer.
  • Neon Yellow Bandana : if you like the fluo and attract all eyes, then this is the bandana for you. Wear as pocket-square or handkerchiefs, this fashionable square piece of fabric will perfectly suit you.
  • Latin Kings Bandana : for a gangster style like the Latin Kings, it is a sure value.

Buy Yellow Bandana


Now you know everything there is to know about the yellow bandana.

So, now all you have to do is buy the one that suits you perfectly.

At RoyalBandana, through our online bandana store, we offer you a wide range of yellow bandanas.

No matter how you want to wear your bandana (in your hair, as a headband or around your neck) and no matter what your style is, there is bound to be the yellow bandana made for you.

So treat yourself and get a unique and stylish look!

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