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Orange Bandana



More daring and original, the orange bandanas are nevertheless an excellent accessory to enhance your look. You won't leave anyone indifferent!

Orange Bandana meaning

Among its symbolism and meaning, the orange is most often associated with energy and dynamism.

It can also symbolize warmth, fire and autumn.

Orange conveys values of communication and creativity. It conveys joy, pleasure and optimism. It also stands for vitality, strength and endurance.

Very little present in our environment (whether natural or urban), it is thus one, if not THE color that will stand out the most and will attract attention.

The orange bandana (kerchief) is thus an original color that can have several meanings but which, in any case, will leave no one indifferent!

It represents with the yellow bandana, the most cheerful color, which will bring a colorful touch to all your outfits.



1) History : from cowboys to rappers

Bandanas (kerchiefs), dressed by the precursors of the Far West, were brought back into fashion around the 1960s and 1970s, and shortly afterwards incorporated into the youth dress code in the 1980s.

Worn by innumerable and remarkable US rappers, of which in particular Tupac the bandana is without any doubt an essential article.
These last ones underlined that these pieces of fabrics evoked a cultural and true heritage.

More than just an ordinary fashion utensil, it is also highly prized by athletes and other tennis players.

Indeed, both in fashion and sports, the bandana has been worn by many athletes, both men and women.


2) Orange bandana : a real fashion accessory


Beyond all particular meanings, the orange bandana can also simply be used for aesthetic questions, by pure taste and choice.

But so, how to tie and how to wear this fashionable apparel and square piece of fabric? It can be perfectly used to enhance your hairstyle and your hair by simply tying it around your head, or even your neck, like a scarf.

You can also use it in a more original way to highlight your outfit by placing it around your wrist, your leg, in your pocket as a pocket-square (handkerchief) or even by tying it to your trouser pocket.

The styles and ways to wear it are thus almost infinite.

It's up to you to let your creativity express for itself and express your personality freely through your style and outfit.


Our best Orange Bandanas


No matter how original and elegant they are, and no matter how you choose to wear them, there are many different ways to wear them.

So it is not always easy to make up your mind and choose one.

At RoyalBandana, we offer many variations of this fabulous fashion accessory, and we have a small selection of our favorite orange bandannas for you to choose from:

  • Taehyung Bandana : for a look like a real pop star.
  • Neon Bandana : if you like to attract all eyes to you, this is the bandanna for you.
  • Peach Bandana : elegant and more versatile than fluorescent orange for example, it will be perfect to add a touch of color to your outfit.
  • Black and Orange Bandana : you hesitate between the orange bandana and the black bandana ? Then simply take a bandana mixing these two fantastic colors!


Buy Orange Bandana


Now you know all about the orange bandana. All you have to do is buy one.

For this we offer you through our online bandana shop, a very large selection of orange bandanas.

You will find all the variations of this wonderful hair accessory:

  • The different shades of orange: from lightest to darkest
  • the different patterns: classical, paisley, original or even plain
  • different sizes: from a classic bandana size to large size bandanas and XL
  • different materials: polyester, cotton, evening, nylon

So, whatever your style and the way you wish to wear your orange bandana, you will find the one that suits you best and that perfectly meets your expectations!

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