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True timeless fashion accessory, the bandana, remains a fashion must-have in 2021.

Rediscover this magnificent accessory through our large collection of quality bandanas and enhance your look.

Our bandana selection for all occasions

At RoyalBandana, as you may have understood, we are fans of bandanas.
We have assembled the largest and most varied collection of bandanas you will ever find.

The goal is for everyone to find the bandana that suits him or her perfectly and thus, obtain a unique look that perfectly suits their style.

We offer bandanas (kerchiefs) in all colors, for men (men's bandana) as well as for women (women's bandana).

From the legendary paisley pattern, to more original patterns, through bandanas style gangster, cowboy or biker, you will find your happiness.


Bandana store: choose and buy a bandana


In order to choose and buy a bandana in perfect adequacy with your own style, there are several criteria to be taken into account:

1) The bandana's color

Indeed, the first criterion is simply the color (red, blue, black, ...).
It depends on your style. The goal is to have a bandana (kerchief) in a color that you like and that will also match your favorite outfits.

The ideal is thus to have a stock of several bandanas with paisley print of different colors so that you can perfectly adapt them to your outfit to be always at the top.

You have the choice between several bandanna colors:


2) The bandana print

The second criterion to take into account is the pattern of your bandana.

The most classic and known is the paisley pattern. It is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your look.

But you can also find more original and unique patterns such as :


 3) The bandana size


Another criterion to take into account is the size of your bandana.
The standard size is 22 Inch.

It corresponds to an adult size and perfect for a classic use (around the head or neck for example).

You can also use bandanas slightly smaller (20 Inch), perfect for a pocket-square and handkerchiefs, or slightly larger (60 Inch).

If you are looking for a large size model (51 Inch), you can also consult our large & designer bandana collection.


3) The bandana fabrics / materials



The last criterion is the texture of the bandana.

The different bandana materials are :

Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It will depend on the use you want to make of it, a polyester bandana for example will be lighter and easy to maintain (dries quickly).

A cotton or silk bandana will be thicker but warmer and softer.

It's up to you to see what you need.


Hairstyle with a bandana

Once you have chosen your bandana, the question remains as how to wear it? How to tie it?

There are an infinite number of ways to wear a bandana, its style, personality or the desired effect, but there are two that stand out the most and that come up the most often:

1) Like a headband


This is the most common way to wear a bandana on your head.
It consists of tying your bandana around your head, on loose or tied-up hair.

To do this, fold the bandana until you get the desired width, then place it on your forehead and tie both ends at the back of your head with one or two knots.

Now you are ready to attract all eyes with your unique, elegant and fashionable style.

2) Around your neck like a cowboy


For a cowboy or biker style, attach your bandana, folded in half diagonally to make a triangle, then place it around your neck while leaving the tip of the bandana on the front. Simple and effective.

Free your inspiration to find the style you want to adopt. You can also use the bandana for make a mask and cover your face or tie it around your neck as a scarf, with the bow on the front.


Bandana : history and definition

Crossing time and continents, passing through different styles and representations, the bandana is "the chameleon of fashion". Timeless and popular, this small piece of fabric with an unchanged look is regularly talked about.

Whether it is red, black or other colors, the bandana alone represents the times it has lived through just the way it is worn. In the city or at the beach, this little square piece of fabric, both rock and retro, is making a strong comeback and finding its place in our favorite fashion accessories. For a modern, urban or retro pin-up look.


The bandana stands out with its square shape and printed patterns. Originally from India and used as a handkerchief. Colored, printed in a silk or cotton paisley pattern, its name comes from the Hindi language and the bandhnu word "bandhana", which means "tie".

In the sixteenth century, this small piece of fabric seduced the Portuguese adventurers, then settled in the cities of Goa and Bombay. With the expansion of trade, it was brought back to Europe, before being quickly adopted by the English.

The latter then simplified the term to "bandana". In the United States, this square of fabric became the prerogative of cowboys to protect themselves from dust.  In France, it was not until the 1980s that the bandana arrived.


Before becoming a fashion accessory, the bandana is initially a sign of recognition or belonging to a group, to ideologies... Since its appearance in India, the bandana has travelled extensively through centuries, eras and countries. Each of its appearances has been crowned with success and it has simply been adopted.

It would be unthinkable to evoke the bandana without referring to the mythical legend that was the famous actor John Wayne. The latter popularized it by wearing a bandana around his neck in all his films.

If you are a real bandana fan, you can also get a baby bandana or a dog bandana and be matched all together!

At Royalbandana, bandana store n°1, you will find all the bandanas you want, whether for an elegant or more street style.

So fully express your identity and style.

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