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Pirate Bandana

Fan of pirates and their whole universe? Then proudly wear one of our beautiful pirate bandanas and put yourself in the shoes of a real pirate like Redbeard.


Pirate Bandana meaning

1. Pirate bandana and skull: symbolic


Among pirates the skull was very popular.

It was mostly represented by a skull devoid of flesh and dominated by two large, wide-open orbits that accentuated its frightening side.

The skull is frightening: its sight irreparably provokes a deaf anxiety tinged with questions!

Historically, the message conveyed by the skull, and therefore its meaning, was clear: a human skull surmounting two crossed shins which signified the presence of imminent danger and therefore death to come.

Thus was created the legend of the sea pirates.

2. Pirate flag


The pirates who scoured the seas in antiquity were not mistaken in choosing the skull and crossbones as their symbol.

The objective of the Pirate Flag? To intimidate the adversary and to convey a message of fear! When a ship had the misfortune of crossing their boat on which the black background flag was hoisted, it immediately knew what to expect.

Nowadays, the pirate flag is proudly displayed on clothing, including bandanas.


3. Bandana: Useful for pirates

There are several theories about the usefulness of wearing a bandana for pirates.

The main one would be simply to protect oneself from the sun which can hit very hard on the open sea.

Some claim that it was also to avoid getting sweat in their eyes, or to hold their long hair in place and avoid being embarrassed, especially in the middle of a boarding!


Our best Pirate Bandanas


If you're looking for an incredible look of a real pirate, we've selected a small list of our favorite pirate bandanas for you:


Buy a Pirate  Bandana

If you're looking to buy a pirate bandana to get a real pirate look, you've come to the right place!

Through our bandana store, we have selected for you the most emblematic and original pirate bandanas.

So you can take a look at our collection without further ado.

There is no doubt that you will find the bandana that is made for you and that will give you the pirate look you are looking for.

For even more choice, you can also discover our collection of skull bandanas, a symbol closely related to pirates. 

List of the pirate's complete equipment :


If you're a real pirate fan and want to get a complete look, here's a list of utensils that are an integral part of a real pirate's outfit :

  • a bandana
  • a pirate hat
  • the privateer outfit
  • a sword
  • an eye patch
  • bonus: a wooden leg and a telescope.

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