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Bandana for Women



Be trendy and unique with our collection of the most beautiful bandanas and scarves for women.

Discover the largest selection of Bandanas for Women! Classic Bandanas, Designs, Fantasies...

In the Women's Bandana collection, RoyalBandana presents the bandanas (kerchiefs) most worn and appreciated by women, as well as many tips on how to incorporate bandannas into your outfit and your look of the day, on how to wear a woman's bandana, on how to use them as face masks and on the history of the bandana.

Although the bandana is a unisex fashion accessory for hair, we decided to separate the Women's bandana collection from the Men's bandana collection, according to the tastes and preferences of both women and men!

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Are you looking for a timeless bandana with paisley print that combines originality and elegance?

We invite you to discover our women's bandana collection. Both chic, trendy and fashionable, our bandanas adapt to any outfit and are available in several patterns, materials and colors in an elegant style, rather casual or festive.

The women's bandana is also the best fashion accessory to highlight her personality and the strength of her character. All our bandanas are unisex and available in one size, they are all of high quality and will make you feel very comfortable. These beautiful apparels and square piece of fabric will accompany you in all the occasions of your life.

1) Accessories that will make you look incredible

Bandanas are versatile enough to fit into almost any outfit, whatever your style. Most bandanas are fairly easy to put on and don't require any extra accessories to hold them in place, making them an ideal and easy to use tool if you want your outfit to have that little something extra.

Be yourself by putting an accessory around your neck or in your hair that looks and feels like you. You're sure not to go unnoticed with one of our women's bandanas.


2) Bandana size

The bandana is usually a square fabric with a single size of 22 Inch by 22 Inch, but these fashion accessories have evolved and now exist in different sizes and dimensions.

There are large bandanas, (up to 51 Inch), and conversely, small squares as for example for babies with the bandana bibs and for dogs with the dog bandana.

3) Our Best Women Bandana :


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5) When to wear a Woman's Bandana?

This essential summer accessory should be part of your wardrobe or dressing room! Women's Bandanas can also bring a touch of originality and be practical in the fall, winter and mid-season, as well as in the spring. Especially with bright and cheerful colors like a pink bandana or a yellow bandana for example.


How to put on a Women's Bandana?

1. Bandana: like a headband


How to wear and how to tie a bandana? The first way to make your bandana stand out is to wear it as a headband.

First, you need to find the color that suits your skin tone. When you finally find your color palette, it's time to learn how to tie them on your head. This is the most traditional way to wear this beautiful accessory, so you can give yourself a Rosie-style pin-up style.

2. Bandana in the hair to accessorize your hairstyle


Indeed, the bandana is a must among hair accessories.

The ways you can wear it to accessorize and enhance your hair are endless: around your bun, tied around your ponytail, or on your head like a biker and biker, simply because men and women tie a bandana on long motorcycle trips to both protect your hair and achieve a unique and elegant look. (In simple terms, it sounds like a "durag" look).

3. Bandana around the neck like a scarf


Personally, I like to see women wearing bandanas as neck scarves. No matter if you want to get that special cowgirl, bohemian or grunge look, this way of wearing will make you look special and creative. Believe me, there are so many interesting looks you can create by wearing it as a neck scarf.

For example, you can opt for a bright color and match it with your neutral daytime outfit. In other words, you can make this cute accessory the center of attention of your outfit.

To do this: fold your square piece of fabric in half and tie it around your neck, with the free ends at the front of your neck. Make a loop or two to complete the knot.

4. Bandana as a hood / neck warmer


You can indeed, place the bandana on your face cowgirl style. Original and unique, this look will not let you go unnoticed. To achieve it, you can use our classic printed bandanas or an elastic bandana which is perfect for it.

5. Around your handbag


Last but not least, the last but not least way to give style to your bandana is to tie it around the strap of your bag. This addition will underline your unique style and give a touch of elegance to your bag.


History of Bandana

1) Origin of the Bandana

Many historical sources say that the word "bandana" comes from the Hindi word bāṅdhnū, meaning the verb "to bind" or "to attach. Historians say that the garment itself has a long history, dating back to the Middle East and Southeast Asia in the 1680s.

Today, this colorful square band of fabric with paisley or paisley pattern has found its way into various different cultures, such as rock'n'roll, hippie, rock, rap and hip-hop culture as well as into the world of art, music and fashion.

2) Bandana fashion

Bandanas saw their rise in the 1970s thanks to hippies (who loved the paisley pattern), and music bands (especially English rock bands) such as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones band, who loved the paisley pattern, and wore it on many shirts and clothes (by the way, John Lennon of the Beatles painted his Rolls Royce car with paisley flower patterns).

Since that day, the bandana with its timeless pattern has crossed the decades, especially thanks to musical artists, such as the singer Renaud in France and his red bandana, the artist Madonna, or the rapper Tupac who democratized the bandana for the new generations of the 90s and 2000s. (As well as in the world of Hip-hop and new rap).

In streetwear fashion, the bandana has been used, on many occasions, by fashion designers.

It may be just a tiny square piece of fabric, but the bandana has a long history behind it. It has always been used as a form of rebellion and used as a sign of distinction.

Cowboy style has entered fashion in many ways in recent years. For example, with the sequel to the video game Red Dead Redemption, it has brought the cowboy aesthetic and culture back into popular culture for a whole new generation of young people.

In the Wild West, bandanas were a practical accessory, offering protection from wind and dust and keeping dirt out. They also allowed the western bandits to remain anonymous.

3) The hanky code or scarf code


In the early 1980s, gay men used a bandana to discreetly communicate their sexual preferences. The hanky code is a secret and subtle language with a rainbow of different colors that all had connotations about their sexual desires.

The origins of the scarf code, or hanky code, are little known and uncertain. It is believed that this secret code originated in the city of San Francisco, USA. The first real trace of the hanky code seems to have appeared in the early 1970s in New York City, when a reporter laughed and said that instead of wearing a bunch of keys on the right or left side of the leather belt buckle (to indicate their favorite sexual position), gay men should instead signal their sexual preferences by putting pieces of colored cloth to the right or left of their jeans pockets.

Today, in the age of social networking, dating applications and greater sexual liberation, the tissue code is being used less and less. But it is still an important part of the great colorful history of the square bandana, as colorful handkerchiefs are still sometimes worn as a tribute to the old days, during gay pride.

4) Bandana gang: The Crips Gang and the Bloods Gang

Miles away from crypto-sexual suggestions, bandanas have also been used to indicate gang membership. In Los Angeles, rival street gangs, the Bloods and Crips, have used red and blue respectively to show allegiance.

This has led to the association of bandanas with crime and violence, which is perhaps reinforced by the fact that various violent groups around the world have used them to cover their faces in public.


So don't wait any longer and enjoy the widest choice of quality bandanas! Made in different materials (silk, satin, organic cotton, polyester) and colors, you will find the bandana that is made for you among :

  • classics (striped, polka dot bandana, plain bandana, checkered...)
  • fancy bandanas (indian, floral, indian, camouflage, design bandana, paisley bandana, paisley print or paisley printed scarf, ...)
  • original bandanas (pirate bandana, skull bandana etc...),
  • motorcycle bandanas & motorcycle scarf,
  • bandanas for sport,
  • tricolor, bicolor, multicolor headband, etc...)

All in various and varied colors including: red bandana, black bandana, white bandana, blue bandana, white and black, khaki green, yellow, purple, fuchsia, beige, brown, light gray, navy blue, sky blue, light blue, turquoise, etc. ...

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