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Discover our high-end Durag collection and get a unique look.

The 4 main advantages of wearing a durag :


1. Durag for athletes

Nowadays, many Athletes use durags. Wearing a durag helps prevent sweat from entering your eyes.

For example, NBA players are regularly seen wearing durags; one of the most famous is Lebron James. He can be seen wearing his signature black silk durag on and off the basketball court.

2. To improve hair texture

Rough and dry hair are two major problems that a modern person faces every day. This is mainly due to air pollution which causes the evaporation of the moisture contained in the hair.

This makes the hair dry and therefore rough. Thus, durag is the perfect solution to this problem and here's how.

After applying oils, creams and other products to moisturize the hair, wearing a durag can amplify their effect because it will prevent the evaporation of moisture and make your hair smooth and healthy.

3. Durag: Smoothing Hair

For women and men with thick or frizzy hair whose straightening gives them a hard time, durag can be quite beneficial.

Normally, women do a perm to straighten their hair, but repeating this process over and over again can damage the hair. Excessive application of heat can denature the keratin protein.

Durag helps reduce the number of perms needed to maintain hair straightness by keeping it flat.

4. Maintain the 360 waves :


The first of many reasons to wear durag is to maintain the "360 Waves". This is essentially a process in which your hair is trained to grow in a wavy and curly pattern. However, hair grows outwards, which is a problem if you want to maintain the 360 Waves and that's where durag comes in.

Basically, durag causes your hair to lay flat on your head instead of growing outwards and helps you maintain your favorite 360 waves.

At night, when you sleep, your sheets can dry out the waves and make your hair frizzy. Durag is the solution to this problem because it retains moisture and maintains the progress made by each brushing session.

For more information about Durag, you can also read our article on the history of Durag.

Buy & choose a durag


For the choice and purchase of your durag, there will be several criteria to be taken into account, namely :

  • the material: polyester, cotton, silk
  • color and patterns
  • the size

You will find below a very large choice of quality durags.

Just like the bandana, the durag is a unique and incredible fashion accessory to bring a unique touch to your hairstyle and your outfit.

Thus, whatever your style, you will find there necessarily your happiness.

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