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How to wear a bandana ?

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How to wear a bandana ?

Find out how to wear a bandana with all styles, for women and men!

You can use a bandana in different ways (for example, tied around the neck or as a headband).

This garment is very versatile and can be combined with contemporary, urban or retro outfits, and you don't need any extra accessories to wear it, so it's relatively easy to achieve the look you want or add a special touch to an outfit.


Contents :
I - How to put on a women's bandana?
II - How to wear a bandana for men ?
III - Original styles


I - How to wear a bandana for women

A) In the hair

1. Make a large headband.


To do this, spread the bandana out on a table, arranging it so that it has the shape of a diamond. Fold the lower half upwards to make a triangle, then fold the top of the triangle downwards until you touch the base to make a wide pentagon.

Fold this pentagon in half lengthwise to make a long rectangular band.

Repeat until you get a strip about 4 cm wide.

Take it with your hands, taking care not to bend it, and place it on your head so that the midpoint is directly on the top of the head. Tie both ends of the band at the nape of the neck.

If you are going to use the bandana with your hair down, make sure to tie the ends so that they are under the bandana.

2. Use the bandana as a pin-up.

Follow the same steps to make a wide band. When attaching it to your head, however, place the mid-point so that it is at the nape of the neck rather than at the top of the head and attach the ends of the bandana to the top of the head rather than at the nape of the neck.


3. Make a hippie style bandana

It is positioned on the head as if it were a crown and creates a more relaxed and Bohemian look.

To do this, follow the same steps as for a wide headband, but when attaching it, place the middle of the bandana over your forehead and tie the ends behind your head over your hair.

You can make the bandana as wide or thin as you like.

4. Make a ponytail in the style of the 50s.

Stretch the bandana and tighten it in the center to get the shape of a rope. Form a circle with the bandana and tie the ends with a loose open knot.

Gather your hair into a ponytail and tie with an elastic band.

Run the bandana through your ponytail until it is over the elastic and adjust the knot as comfortably as possible.

5. Bohemian style bandana.

It's a vintage style where you first have to bun your hair or pull it up, leaving only the fringe free (if you have any). Place the bandana in a diamond shape, then fold it in half to form a triangle.

Place the triangle over your shoulders as if it were a cape and bring the ends up to the top of your head behind your bangs.

Also lift the back side of the triangle so that it is under the other two ends and attach them to your forehead.

All of your hair should be covered by the bandana so that only your front bangs are visible to give this style more nuance.

6. 90's style bandana.

It's a classic unisex look. To start, lay the bandana out and fold it in half to form a triangle. Tilt your head forward, place the center of the base of this triangle at the top of your forehead, and tie both ends behind your head at the nape of your neck.

The back end of the triangle should be above your hair and "point" to the knot you made in the nape of your neck with the other two points.

Don't forget to tie the knot under your hair if it's too long.

B) Wear a bandana around your neck

1. Use the bandana with a knot forward.

This is a classic and easy way to use a bandana around your neck in which you have to fold it in half to make a triangle, then place it on your shoulders and tie both ends at the front of your neck.

2. Use the bandana on your face.

This is a bolder look you can achieve by first folding the bandana in half to form a triangle. Wrap it around your neck with the ends back and tie them.

Then lift the bandana until it reaches the middle of your nose in a way that covers the entire lower part of your face.

3. Use a bandana in the cowboy style.

Follow the same procedure as the previous step, but don't lift the bandana so that it covers your face, but simply leave it around your neck with the tips attached at the back, as if it were a scarf with one end pointing down.

The bandana should be placed around your neck with the ends attached at the back, as if it were a scarf with one end pointing down.

If you want a really classic cowboy look, make sure you use a red bandana.

polyester bandana

4. Make a French knot.

This is a sophisticated style that you can achieve by first folding the bandana in half to form a triangle.

Then fold it starting at the longest base of the triangle until it is only 7.5 to 10 cm wide. Place the middle point at the front of the neck and tie the ends at the back.

II - How to put on a men's bandana

1) On the head


Wearing a bandana around your head gives you a bolder, rock'n'roll superstar look. Men who are musicians and have long hair prefer this look. Many men also wear a bandana as hippie headbands or for different bandana hairstyles.

Bandanas that are specially designed to be worn on the head are called Tupac bandana because of the style of rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur.

You can also try it on yourself when you attend a concert or sporting event.

Keep your appearance and subtle style with a neutral colored bandana. Black is a natural neutral color for a bandana.

You can also be bolder with a vibrant hue.

Let's see how to wear a bandana on your head:

  • Fold the bandana into a long band.
  • Take both sides and tie it around your head.
  • Tighten the knot enough to secure it.


2) Around the neck


Wearing a bandana around the neck is one of the most common and simple ways to wear a bandana. The look of this style suits just about any man, whether for casual or elegant occasions.

To wear the bandana around your neck, you should opt for a relatively small bandana.

Fold the bandana and place it around your neck to tie a knot in the front, keeping it free with your neck.

Alternatively, you can also tie the bandana at the back of your neck keeping one corner of the bandana free at the front.

Pay attention to the color of the bandana. Don't choose something that doesn't match the color of your t-shirts. Light colors are always safer.

3) On the face


To find out how to tie it this way, see: the 2nd video of part B) for women earlier in the article.

III - Original styles with a bandana

1. Wear a bandana like a bracelet.

To do so, fold it in half to form a triangle, then fold the top end down to the opposite base of the triangle.

Fold the bandana in half lengthwise until it is about 7-8 cm wide (adjust to your preference). Tie it around your wrist, making sure it is not too tight. Then, you can insert the ends under the knot so that they are not visible.

2. Tie the bandana around your thigh.

This style gives you a rock and roll look and you can wear it with long pants or shorts. To do this, make a band about 2 inches wide with the bandana, like a classic bracelet or headband, and tie it around your thigh.

You can then rotate it forward or backward and, if you wish, insert the ends underneath so that they are not visible.

3. Tie the bandana around the ankle.

It's not particularly common, but you can still combine it with a nice pair of shoes to get a casual and modern style, and add a little color to your outfit.

First, make a band about 2 inches wide with the bandana, like a headband or bracelet, and tie it around your ankle with the knot facing back.

To show off the bandana, you can wear cut-out pants or pants with the hem facing out.


Conclusion :

The bandana is thus more than just a fashion accessory and has had many uses and meanings throughout history.

If you are looking for unique bandanas of superior quality, take a look at our collections of men's bandanas and women's bandanas and enhance your style.

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