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How to fold a bandana like a biker

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How to fold a bandana like a biker

Motorcycle bandanas are both fashionable and functional.

They protect the scalp from the sun, provide better comfort under a motorcycle helmet and keep the hair in place while riding a motorcycle.

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In addition to all these benefits, bandanas also allow bikers to display their favorite colors, logos and brands.

The key to wearing a motorcycle bandana safely is to tie it properly, so that it doesn't blow away and obscure another motorist's view.

Discover through this article how to wear them like a real biker


I) How to tie a bandana like a biker

1. Classic biker style bandana

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  • Place your standard size bandana (about 55 cm square) flat
  • fold it in half diagonally to obtain a triangle
  • Place the longest side on your forehead while pulling the rest of the bandana over your head (the tip of the bandana should be at the back of your head)
  • Grab the two ends at the front of your head, and bring them to the back of your head
  • Tie them over the part of the bandana that hangs at the back of your head
  • Make a double knot to ensure the bandana stays in place

And there you go, ready to hop on your bike and hit the road like a real biker!

2. Biker bandana long style

biker bandana style man royalbandana

  • Hold a square bandana flat in front of you.
  • Turn the bandana so that it is diamond shaped, with one corner facing you.
  • Fold the top corner of the bandana towards you. Let the tip of the top corner reach the center of the bandana. PS: For big heads, don't let the tip of the top corner reach the center of the bandana, you can stop before.
  • Loosen your hair well in the back, so that your hair moves away from your face.
  • Place the folded right side of the bandana on your forehead, just one to two centimeters above your eyebrows. Let the rest of the fabric flow up and over your head.
  • Hold the long ends of the bandana on either side of your head, just above your ears.
  • Adjust the bandana to the left or right so that it is centered.
  • While holding the fabric, use a few fingers of one hand to smooth the back of the bandana so that it lies flat on the back of your neck.
  • Tie both ends at the back of the head, just above the nape of the neck. The knot should be tight and at the base of your ears. If you run your hands under your ears to the back of your head, you should feel the knot.
  • Tie the fabric again, creating a second strong knot.
  • Let the "tail" of the bandana go over the back of your neck, which will protect you from sunburn and the edge of a rubbing motorcycle helmet.


II) Usefulness of the bandana for biker

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As explained above, it keeps the helmet liner free from hair oil, moisture, hair and gives a comfortable fit.

Indeed, the most common feature of a bandana or face mask is that bikers can wear it daily and it does not cause much sweating.

You can also easily fold it and keep it with you for other uses as well. (see article uses of a bandana)

Worn on the face, it also helps to protect from dirt and dust particles, pollution or even potential bugs that could come up against your face while riding, which is very unpleasant to say the least.


Choose thin & light bandanas and fabrics. Indeed, thick fabrics may cause a lot of heat and you will not be able to bear to wear it during the summer months.

III) How to wear a bandana for motorcycle riding

It depends on your style and why you want to wear a bandana during your motorcycle rides (simple aesthetic question or real utility of protection)

You can wear it on the face or on the hair according to your preference.

For more details, just look above the different styles we have presented.


IV) Bonus : Biker gangs

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Riding with your buddies is the essence of any motorcycle club, it's clean and fun, as long as you don't mix motorcycling and camaraderie with a dash of organized crime.

Then the club becomes a gang, the members are outlaws and things get really complicated.

The majority of MCs (Motorcycle Clubs) were founded in the United States, although it is recognized that there are clubs all over the world.

It is believed that there are over three hundred outlaw clubs in the United States. Here's what you might consider their commonality: almost all of them ride the only motorcycle of their choice, the Harley Davidson.

motorcycle gang royal bandana

The Hells Angels are a perfect example.

Founded in 1948, this California-based motorcycle gang gained notoriety through its close association with what could be described as the hippie movement of the 1960s, where it rubbed shoulders with the counterculture pioneers of the day, such as Allen Ginsberg and the Rolling Stones, not to mention the Beatles.

This set the PA apart from other one-percenter biker clubs, despite the alleged ties to organized crime and all that it implies, they are an integral part of American culture. On the face of it, they are a shrewd organization and fiercely protective of their reputation.

With over 100 groups in 29 countries, the Hell Angels remain the largest and best known motorcycle club in the world.

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You now know everything about motorcycle bandanas, all that's left to do is put yours on and ride your motorcycle down the road! 🏍

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