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How to tie a pirate bandana

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How to tie a pirate bandana

Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to tie a bandana like a pirate.

Did you know that pirates used a bandana to keep sweat out of their eyes and to keep their long hair from getting caught in the rope?

see pirate bandana royalbandana

However, some historians claim that pirates did not wear the scarf at all and that the bandana was worn around the neck.

Another theory is that the scarf for pirates became popular in the Caribbean to protect the head of pirates from the rays of the rising sun on the deck.

pirate ship

Bandanas, whose origin dates back centuries, are one of the most versatile accessories to keep on your wardrobe. They can hide a messy hairstyle and protect freshly washed hair from the elements.

Patterned bandanas are flattering when tied in a pirate style, as they allow the print to shine and complement your outfit. Slip on a pirate bandana for a day Captain Jack Sparrow style and be the star at your next costume party.

pirate bandana royalbandana

Here's how to tie your pirate bandana

  1. Brush your hair, away from your forehead. Choose a center part or brush your hair off your head to prevent it from being pushed into your eyes by the bandana.
  2. Hold the scarf lengthwise. Choose a bandana that is at least 10 inches long to get a tail end that stands out even after it is tied.
  3. Place the longer side of the scarf directly in front of your hairline (on your forehead about an inch or two above your eyebrows).
  4. Tilt your head back to allow the bandana fabric to cover your scalp.
  5. Pull the ends back (you can also pull the ends to the side depending on your style).


red pirate bandana royalbandana

6. Tie a knot with the 2 ends of the bandana: fold the left end over the right and wrap it underneath. Pull both ends tightly together and repeat once more to form a knot.
7. Adjust your hair as desired. Pull your hair over your ears for a casual look or leave it behind your ears.

How to make a pirate bandana

Making a pirate bandana is a great way to enhance a pirate costume for a costume party. It's also a great way to cover your scalp if you're having a "bad hair day" or to keep sweat out of your face and eyes when working outside.

Bandanas are relatively inexpensive and come in a wide range of colors and prints. To make your own bandana, use a lightweight fabric, especially 100% cotton if you are using it as a sweatband:

  1. Lay your lightweight fabric on a work surface and smooth it out.
  2. Measure a square of 55 cm x 55 cm -- the standard size for a bandana.
  3. Mark the square with a pencil or colored marker depending on the color of your fabric.
  4. Cut out the square of bandana.

pirate skull bandana

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