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How to make a bow tie with a bandana?

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How to make a bow tie with a bandana?

In this article we will show you how to make a bow tie with a bandana.

You will be able, in a few moments, to fold your bandana in order to obtain a unique and original bow tie, and thus enhance your look.

Steps to follow to get a bow tie with your bandana:

Material needed: a classic square bandana, in the color of your choice.

In the following example, we have chosen a white bandana with paisley patterns to get a bow tie that will easily go with any outfit and style.

see white bandana royalbandana bow tie

PS: as an option, you can iron your bandana at the beginning, and then, at each step, if you want a cleaner and wrinkle-free result.

1. Fold your bandana in half diagonally so that the fold is visible

folding square bandana


2. Fold two opposite corners to the middle (over the visible fold left before).
Optional: if you are the maniac type, you can iron each step and fold to get a cleaner result.

diagonal bandana folding

3. Fold the ends towards the center again (you can repeat this operation as many times as you want depending on the thickness you want to give to your bow tie).

fold bandana headband


4. Once you have the width you want, you will get a band. Take the two ends and tie them in the center, in a simple knot, as if you were tying your shoes.

folding bandana band


5. Then pinch the bandana in the center to give it the shape of a bow tie. Then, wrap the two protruding ends around the bandana and tie a new knot to keep the bandana in this bow tie shape

folding bandana bow


6. You can adjust your bow tie by tying as many knots as you want with the ends, and tightening them more or less.

folding bandana bow tie


And there you have it, you now have a beautiful bow tie, all you have to do is add it to your outfit for a unique and stylish look!


Bonus: how to wear this bandana bow tie:

1) For men

men's bow tie bandana

By passing a string through the bow, you can try to wear it and tie it around your neck, shirt collar or polo shirt, like a classic bow tie.

Guaranteed effect.

2) For women

women's bow tie bandana

In a more original way, you can wear it in your hair by simply passing a barrette inside the knot, then fixing the barrette in your hair.

You will get a very original and pretty look, and could very quickly start a trend among your group of friends!

Now you know everything about how to make a bow tie and how to wear it with elegance. Now all you have to do is get a quality bandana for a stylish and unique look!

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