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How to tie a bandana around your neck

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How to tie a bandana around your neck

Find out how to wear a bandana around your neck

If you're looking for a simple and stylish way to add a unique touch to your style and any of your outfits, then wearing a bandana around your neck is a great option.

A true timeless fashion accessory, the bandana is back in the fashion spotlight this season.

Very trendy and easy to wear, it allows, depending on how you decide to wear it, to accessorize your hair, your hairstyle or to highlight an outfit with a touch of originality and chic.


So in this article we will focus on the fashion that consists of wearing the bandana around the neck. You will know, at the end of this short article, everything you need to know to adopt this style with class and elegance.

Introduction to the bandana

Before getting into the heart of the matter, just a few words about the origin of the bandana to remind us that it comes to us basically from India, where it was then used as a simple cloth handkerchief. "Bandana" comes from the Hindi "bandhana" which means to tie and tie up.

This small square piece of fabric with a Paisley print has thus crossed the centuries with various uses and meanings according to the times and the groups that used it.


So, originally used mainly for its practical aspect to protect the face from dust and sun for example (like cowboys), it gradually became much more than that, until it became a fashion accessory in its own right, and sometimes even a symbol of belonging to a group (we are thinking in particular of the Bloods & Crips gangs, or the Hanky code).

The main advantage of the bandana is that it can be worn in many different ways:

  • around the neck
  • tied around the head like a headband
  • tied in different ways to accessorize your outfits and accessories.

Moreover, with its many colors and patterns, it easily matches all outfits and styles.

So now, without further ado, let's find out how to wear a bandana around the neck :


The different ways to wear a bandana around the neck


Offering an original and modern style, the bandana worn around the neck becomes a style more and more frequent. Various variations exist to wear the bandana according to the latest trends.

Thus, whether it is worn cowboy style or with the French knot, the bandana has the ability to dress and give color to any outfit, even the simplest.

Indeed, whether you adopt it to bring color and cheerfulness to your outfit or to complete your style in an original and elegant way, the bandana can easily bring a unique and trendy touch while protecting the neck.

Here is a small overview in photos, including the many ways to wear a bandana around the neck:


1. With the knot in the back and the point in front


This is the most classic and common way to wear a bandana around the neck. It will be perfect for a casual yet elegant style.

To do this:

  1. lay your bandana flat
  2. Fold it diagonally to form a triangle
  3. Tie the ends around your neck, leaving the tip in front and the knot on the back of your neck.

Perfect to add a unique touch to a tee-shirt or a plain blouse, or even a dress.

The tip of the bandana on the front reveals its charming assets and enhances the outfit with chic. Depending on the color you can match it perfectly with your outfit.

2. With the bow in the front and the tip in the back


Variation of the first method. The bandana worn in this way brings a touch of fantasy and chic to your outfit.

To achieve this way of wearing the bandana, just follow the same steps as before, except that this time the knot will be made in the front and the tip located at the back of your neck.

You can tie it with a single or double knot according to your taste. The base of the triangle will be larger or smaller depending on the effect you want to produce.


3. Around the neck like a scarf


Perfect for winter or cold days to keep your neck warm while keeping your style impeccable.

  1. Start by folding the bandana diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Then, fold it to form a band (make sure to fold the tip of the bandana so that it is not visible).
  3. Finally, wrap the bandana around your neck with a tight or wide knot depending on your preference.

PS: If you are wearing a collared garment, you can slip the folded bandana under the collar. It is also possible to add a little personal touch, by letting the tip of the bandana out at the back of the collar.

The bandana is not only a summer accessory. Indeed, it will also perfectly sublimate any of your outfits, in addition to keeping you warm, even in winter!

4. Bandana around the neck, tied in a sloppy way


No need for neat folding for this way of wearing the bandana.

Just put it around the neck in a sloppy way and make a simple and loose knot. A bandana that is completed and matched by a casual outfit.

Thus worn, the bandana can perfectly accompany a rather casual outfit, or even, for the most daring among you, to contrast with a chic outfit for an incomparable style.

5. The bandana around the neck as a necklace


For a more sophisticated and elegant look, you can wear the bandana tighter, a bit like a necklace. Ideal to enhance your chic and elegant outfits with originality.

To do this, it's pretty simple:

  1. Place your bandana on a flat surface
  2. Fold your bandana in half to form a triangle,
  3. then fold it over itself until you have a fairly thin strip,
  4. then place it around your neck,
  5. tie it on your neck: the knot in front with the points of the tie down, on the left or right side or middle, as you wish.

Worn like this, your bandana will easily replace a necklace or other fashion accessory to enhance your outfit with style. Worn with a plain black dress, your look will be unrecognizable and elegant. It can also be worn with a blouse over jeans for the best effect.

The bandana: the accessory with a thousand ways to wear it


We have presented here the different ways to tie a bandana around the neck, but these are far from being the only ways to wear a bandana.

Moreover, there is an infinity of bandanas with different colors and patterns. It is up to you to create your own custom style.

Anyway, this wonderful little square piece of fabric, will always be able to energize and accessorize any of your outfits, and this whatever the season.

Bandanas at RoyalBandana


Now that you know everything there is to know about how to wear your bandana in the best way to enhance your outfit and your look, you may still have to find THE bandana for you.

If that's the case, then feel free to check out our extensive collection of bandanas. From the legendary paisley pattern to much more original and atypical designs, you're bound to find the right bandana for you.

Moreover, the bandana being a real timeless fashion accessory, it is definitely an essential piece to have in your wardrobe.

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