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How to wear bandana in hair

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How to wear bandana in hair

Discover the best ways to wear a bandana in your hair

How to put a bandana in your hair? That's the question many of you are asking.

We are going to answer this question in the best possible way through this short blog post.

To do this, we will present through photos and our best advices, concrete examples of how to wear a bandana in the hair with style.

You will be able to realize by the end of this article extremely trendy and original styles with your bandana tied in your hair



The bandana: a timeless fashion accessory

The hair bandana is a strong piece, full of history and symbolism that has crossed the times and fashions without taking a wrinkle. Nowadays, it is worn more as a fashion accessory, which can be found in multiple versions.

The word bandana comes from the Hindi "bandhana" ("it ties"), of Indian origin. It is composed of a "paisley" print also called paisley. It can be worn in the hair, of course, but also around the neck, on the wrist, as an accessory according to your desires, to the rhythm of the seasons.


The hair bandana is now available in various colors and patterns for a wide choice, to satisfy all desires, and meet the tastes of each according to its style. From the most classic to the most daring, the bandana embellishes the outfits.

Classic or sophisticated, the bandana will make you crack! Fashion accessory and cool, the bandana is the ally of your stylish hairstyles. So don't hesitate to play with patterns, colors and materials to better match them.

The bandana worn in the hair: a must-have

The bandana is the ideal accessory for women who are looking for originality and to highlight their beauty, their femininity and their charm. You will be seduced by its versatility and its thousand and one ways to use it in your hair.

Classic, sexy, girly, hippy, rock or bohemian, with the bandana tied in your hair and its multiple ways of wearing it, you will find the style you need by learning how to wear a bandana.


Wear it with a pretty bow on the side or turban style on the forehead? You'll love the charm it gives off. Ultra-trendy, the bandana can be found in your RoyalBandana store, so hurry to your shopping where a carefully selected collection awaits you.

Once you're done shopping, pick up the hair bandana of your choice and start creating your hairstyle. It's time to practice wearing it, it will be your real beauty ally this season. Timeless, it will cross the trends with style.

The different ways to wear a bandana in your hair

1. The bandana as a hairband


To achieve this, we fold the hair bandana on itself to make a strip, like the headband. Place the middle of the bandana on the top of your head, then tie the two ends at the nape of your neck with a knot, under your hair, or even above your hair, depending on your hairstyle or your desire.

For a little retro and original touch, you can add volume to your hair by brushing it in the opposite direction, i.e. from the tips to the roots. Or use hairspray, for example, to add volume.


2. The bandana tied in loose hair

The bandana-tied-in-the-loose-hair

This way of wearing the bandana is suitable for both long and short hair. A classic version that continues to please with its chic and retro look. An original and seductive boho chic style that remains trendy.

Once you have selected your bandana, simply :

  1. Fold diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Fold the tip to a width of about 10 cm, then continue to fold it to obtain a bandana (it's up to you to choose the width of your bandana, wide or more discreet depending on the effect you want).
  3. Place the bandana on the back of your head.
  4. Tie it on the side and adjust it to your head size.

Tips: you can hold it in place with a few barrettes or flat clips that you would use for a bun.

3. The hair bandana around the head


Your bandana tied around your head will give you a bold, rock-and-roll look and the image of a confident woman. To achieve this look, start by choosing the color of your bandana.

  1. To shape it, lay your bandana flat.
  2. Next, fold it lengthwise several times into a rectangle.
  3. Finally, tie it around your head by tying a knot at the back of your head or at the side.
To complete your look, pair your bandana with a cool, casual outfit. You can match it with a neutral color like black, or with a bright hue for extra fun.


4. The pin-up hair bandana


To accentuate the pin-up look, choose a bandana in flashy colors.

  1. First, roll your bandana into a strip.
  2. Slip this band under your hair, with the middle of the band below your neck, then tie the hair bandana to the top of your head with a bow.
  3. The knot will depend on your taste and the length you have left to form it. It's up to you to position it more in the front or more in the back depending on your hairstyle.
  4. Tied this way, the bandana combines style and practicality for a pin-up chic look.


5. The hair bandana around a bun


The bandana is the perfect piece to accessorize your bun.

  1. First, structure your bun. Everyone knows how to make one, with an elastic band, a few hairpins and that's it. Be careful, you don't need to tighten it too much, leave a little bit of fuzz so that the bandana can be well highlighted.
  2. Then fold the bandana diagonally to form a triangle.
  3. Fold the tip over 8 cm.
  4. Fold in half again to make a wide bandana.
  5. Wrap the bandana around the bun and tie it to the side or front with the tip down for a little extra flare.


6. The hair bandana with a ponytail


Tie your hair in a ponytail, high or low depending on your desires. You can style your hair flat on your head for a strict hairstyle that the bandana will enhance with its little flashy touch.

Or leave it a little loose for a bohemian chic style.

  1. Once your hair is tied up, tie your bandana around the elastic in one or more turns depending on the length you want to let your hair down. Or you can also make several turns around the elastic to give more volume and effect to the knot, like the scrunchie for hair.
  2. It's up to you to add your own personal touch by finishing the knot, for example, according to your hairstyle. All styles are allowed if you have good taste. Match your hair bandana to your outfit or contrast it to give it an original and chic style.


7. The Bohemian bandana


The bandana (or kerchief) folded diagonally in the shape of a triangle is positioned on the head and will be attached by both ends behind the neck and under the hair.

The end of the triangle falls on the hair and gives a casual and stylish look.

When worn like this, the bandana covers a good part of your head. But, once again, it's up to you to play with the style, for example letting your bangs show in the front to give more nuance to the style. Worn this way, the bandana works with any hair type and hairstyle, whether you have long hair or short hair, for a cool and chic look.

The color of your bandana, matching or contrasting with your outfit, will boost your look for an effect that will surprise you and attract all the attention.


8. The hip hop style hair bandana


Another variation: It is to form a triangle with your bandana, bring the corners to the top of the head and tie it under the two front corners.

Bring up the back corner of the bandana while wrapping the hair and wedge it under the two front corners. The bangs will be untangled for a bohemian look.

The trendy hair bandana with head-turning hairstyles

Today, the bandana has become an indispensable and timeless ally of fashionistas and those who want to recover a "bad hair day". As you have seen, there are several methods to tie a bandana, you just have to find the most suitable for your outfit or according to the moment.

Whether it is with a pretty knot on the side or at the top of the head, in turban on the forehead or with a bun, you will fall for the versatile side of the bandana that you can match with many outfits, for hairstyles as stylish as each other.

Don't hesitate to play with patterns, colors and materials to better match them. Ideal to stand out, the bandana will put color and originality in your hair according to your style, your mood and your cut.


Classic colors, bright colors or extraordinary patterns, do your shopping and choose your bandanas in your RoyalBandana store and let you go to the fittings for hairstyles that will surprise you by its chic and fantasy.

To help you, consult the article on choosing a bandana according to the seasons (view our aricle "the best bandanas"). In the hair, the bandana will sublimate the long and short hair by its bright colors that will give pep to your outfit for a very trendy style.

A little extra: depending on the color of your hair, choose your bandana color to highlight it more. But to each his own style, let yourself be carried by your own creativity in terms of hairstyle to wear your bandana.

Hairstyle and bandana at RoyalBandana


RoyalBandana will be happy to share with you, your best looks and hairstyles with a bandana.

Also find out how to wear a bandana around your neck and don't hesitate to share your bandana photos with us so we can share them with other bandana fans.

RoyalBandana offers you a selection of trendy bandanas for your pleasure. Discover the collection now!

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