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The best bandanas : Top 10

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The best bandanas : Top 10

You are looking to buy a bandana, but you hesitate on the choice of the model?

Then this article is made for you! Through this article, we are going to present you the 10 most popular bandanas. With these models you are sure to sublimate your look and get a unique style!

Indeed, the bandana is a unique and timeless fashion accessory. Whether for a rebellious style (biker, hip-hop, streetwear) or more sophisticated and elegant, it will adapt and offer you the desired result.


At the base used for its practicality, it was quickly imposed in the fashion and clothing style community for its originality and its ability to adapt to all types of clothing.

So at RoyalBandana, our credo is to continue to innovate without changing the essence of this incredible paisley patterned accessory!

So now, without further delay, we let you discover our selection of the 10 trendiest bandanas in 2021:

10) Yellow Bandana


Yellow is a color giving an impression of warmth and light. It is the color of good mood and joy of life.

It symbolizes logic, personal power and humor. This bandana will thus be perfect to bring a touch of cheerfulness and color to your outfit.


9) Green Bandana


Green is the color of luck, it is the color of hope. It gives a feeling of calm and rest. It represents stability and balance and is a symbol of growth, health, freshness and nature.

The green bandana is thus a classic that will bring a natural touch to your outfit.

8) Bandana American flag


What could be more patriotic than an American flag bandana? With it, proudly display the colors of America. Perfect for sporting events where an American team is involved to support them!

7) Sport Bandana


If you are a sportsman (and not only Sunday 😛) then you should strongly consider getting a bandana for sport.

Indeed, whether it's for cycling, running, skiing, tennis, soccer or any other sport, you're bound to get sweaty. And what could be more annoying than the sweat dripping down your screwdriver to land in your eyes when you are 200% in your effort?

So a bandana, in addition to the undeniable aesthetic aspect, will allow you to absorb perspiration and thus avoid any potential discomfort! We can thus only recommend you to have at least one for your sports equipment and clothing.

6) Motorcycle Bandana


Ride the roads like a real biker!

This Biker Bandana with its sleek and virile style is perfect to embody a true biker. It is ideal to protect your face from dust, pollution and wind, or just for style!

So it's not for just anyone: if you don't have the soul of a real biker, we advise you to go your own way. 🏍

5) Bandana White


White is a color that suggests purity, cleanliness and perfection. Considered a cool color, it brings brilliance and shine.

It is also a symbol of innocence. White has few negative connotations, except, perhaps, when associated with the white page.

A White bandana is thus a sure value which will be able to adapt to all your outfits and bring a real touch of elegance. Very often used to accompany all the colors and enhance the tone, it always brings a real asset to your style of dress.

4) Bandana Paisley


It is no longer presented, the legendary paisley pattern. Pattern of reference for the bandana.

With it you can't go wrong. It is a sure value to have in its collection of fashion accessories that you will be able to stand out in any occasion.

PS: If you want to know more about this legendary pattern that has survived through the ages, you can have a look at our article on the origin of the paisley pattern.

3) Blue Bandana


And here is finally our top 3 with at 3ᵉ position the blue bandana.

It is one of the most famous bandanas, especially in the USA thanks to the Crips, who use the Blue bandana as a symbol and sign of belonging to the gang.

Many celebrities have also worn it on many occasions, such as Snoop Doog.

Even if there are many different variations (navy blue, turquoise, sky blue...) it is this blue bandana (type Bandana crips) which is the most widespread and most popular.

Interesting fact : Blue is statistically the most loved color in the world!

Blue is also the most complex color in terms of its meaning. Blue can thus evoke the sky, water, sea, air and travel. In lighter shades, it is associated with ideas of wonder, freedom, dreams and youth.

In darker shades, it symbolizes truth, trust, loyalty, intelligence and security.

2) Bandana Black


One of the most popular and easy to match with any outfit or style, the Black Bandana is definitely one of the fashion must-haves!

With its original paisley pattern and its unique size, the black bandana will be able to sublimate your style in all occasions.

It is indeed one of the most used hair fashion accessories in the world of fashion and streetwear.

Whether it is for a hip-hop, rock, classic style or to put it on like a cowboy, this Bandana must be one of your accessories to have!

Color black meaning :

As for the meaning of the color black in general, because of its impenetrable character, it is a color that exudes a dimension of mystery. Black thus brings rigor by its simplicity.

It exudes a sophisticated side that makes it a color that is ideal for suggesting distinction, elegance, refinement and luxury.

In certain contexts, black can have a darker side and evoke death, mourning and sadness. It can also suggest darkness and nothingness.

1) Bandana Red


And finally, here is the one you were expecting so much... in first place in our ranking... I named the Red Bandana!

Indeed, it is definitively the most famous and most worn Bandana, and this through all times.

Numerous public figures and celebrities have often worn it, and some have even made it their trademark. We have thus for example :

  • Madonna
  • Tupac
  • Bret Michaels who is a famous rock star in the USA who never takes off his bandana.

In the United States, it is also very closely linked to the history of American gangs, the most famous of which is the Bloods Gang, who use it as a distinctive sign of gang membership.

So, if you are a fan of bandanas, it is undeniably THE Bandana to have in your dressing room!

Color Red meaning :

As for the meaning of this wonderful color that is red, it is often a symbol of love, passion, warmth and sensuality.

It thus brings a feeling of warmth. It is the most powerful color, the most dynamic and with the strongest potential for action.

Note that in order not to fall into negative meanings such as revolt, blood or danger, it is important to use it in a controlled way, sparingly.


And here we are, we arrive at the end of this top 10 bandanas. We hope that you enjoyed it and that it helped you in the choice of your bandana.

We also give a special mention to the pirate, rock and military camouflage bandanas which are also very popular but more specific, so they won't necessarily fit all styles.

If you are looking for a Bandana, you've come to the right place: RoyalBandana is THE bandana store N°1 !

So don't wait to get a unique and incredible look and take a look at our bandana's collection!

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