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Bandana uses

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Bandana uses

You've probably seen a bandana before, but do you know exactly what it means?

"Bandana" is actually a Hindi word, which means "tie". It is mainly used to keep dust and sweat away from the face.

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Years passed and the bandana became a fashionable piece of fabric. Bandanas now have different associations.

Do you want to know the exact meaning and the different uses of the bandana for different groups of people? If so, read on.

Bandana as Gangs & Fraternity symbol

gang royal bandana

Gangsters are usually spotted wearing bandanas. No wonder bandanas are associated with gangs or fraternity groups.

Bandanas with particular colors like black, red, blue and yellow are popular with these groups. You will often see gang members wearing bandanas around their heads while others simply put their bandana in their pants pocket.

It was in the 1970's that the very first gang was spotted using the bandana to signify membership in their group. The gangs were known as the Bloods and Crips and the two opposing colors used were blue and red.

Bandana as Relationship & Sexual status/orientation symbol

bandana pocket woman royalbandana

For some time, bandanas have been used to represent relationship status or even sexual orientation. Striped bandanas represent a particular group of people.

On the other hand, bandanas with bold colors and patterns show the willingness of the person using this bandana to perform a sexual act.

Bandanas also became popular in the heterosexual community but also in the gay community, where it was used as a pocket code (Hanky code), especially in the 1970s.

Bandana for the outlaw

cowboy royal bandana

Bandanas also have negative implications. Well, it was during the time of the conquest of the West, better known as the Wild West or Cowboy days.

At one point, bandanas were associated with delinquents, especially bandanas of color.

Outlaws usually made themselves inconspicuous by simply covering their face with a colored bandana to conceal their identity.

Bandana and musical affinity

bandana woman rock royalbandana

Bandanas also represent your musical affinity. In the 1980s, those who loved rock and roll wore colorful bandanas.

The bandanas were worn around the neck and forehead. There are also music bands that are known for their bandanas.

Bandanas have been around since time immemorial. They have remained to be a favorite fashion piece by celebrities, and even ordinary people.

More than the purpose of fashion, bandanas have several meanings for different groups of people. Over the years, the meaning of bandanas for people has changed a lot.

Currently, bandanas are used as a stylish and functional fashion accessory. If you are looking for styles to adopt with your bandana, then you can take a look at the fashion inspiration online or on our article: Top 9 ways to wear a bandana.

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