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Top 5 bandana outfit & styles

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Top 5 bandana outfit & styles

We are going to share with you through this article, 5 ideas of outfits and styles to do with a bandana.

You will know everything you need to know in order to get a unique and stylish look

The bandana has had a singular epic: from bandits to bikers in Harley Davidson through rockers and gangs of American ghettos, the bandana becomes a rallying sign depending on its color, its patterns or the way it is worn.

The homosexual community used the bandana in the 70s and 80s as a coded language (hanky code), a sign of recognition between them. Depending on its location or its color, the bandana allows to know the practices or preferences of the person.


The bandana is also part of the panoply of hip-hop dancers, it is worn plain under the cap or without cap. Rock guitarists wear it on their wrists to keep their wrists warm during rehearsals and performances.

Some sportsmen wear it on their head to avoid being bothered by perspiration or to protect themselves from the sun, in tennis as in cycling.

The hippies will make it a universal fashion accessory.


How to wear a bandana with style?

Nowadays, the bandana has lost its rebellious side but it remains elegant and breathes youth. It has become a real fashion accessory in its own right. Easy to wear and adapt, it can boost your clothing look.

Essential to sublimate your hairstyle and your outfit in the blink of an eye, the bandana is the must have accessory in your wardrobe. An original and versatile accessory, it allows you to energize your hairstyle and your daily outfit with its multitude of facets.


There are many ways to wear a bandana, whether around the neck, in a French knot, or as a headband around the head or even as an accessory. It's as many possibilities as there are desires.

Everyone is free to wear it according to their style, the trend of the moment or to personalize their look. Let your taste guide you and use the bandana endlessly.


1) The bandana to accessorize your hairstyle

This is the most common and well-known way to use a bandana. Depending on the pattern of your bandana and its color, it can perfectly enhance your hairstyle and your outfit as a whole.

There are many variations of wearing a bandana in your hair, but here are the two most popular:

  • around the forehead as a headband
  • on the head (bohemian style - biker)



2) The bandana around the wrist

We are inspired by the rock style and we tie a bandana around the wrist like a bracelet, delicately folded or rolled in a band more or less wide according to the desired effect.

It's up to you to imagine the possible combinations and to play with the styles to make the bandana a revolutionary and unique little jewel.



3) The bandana around the ankle

Wrapped like the wrist, the bandana around your ankle will give you a casual and elegant look while bringing a little pep to your outfit.

To make the bandana stand out and look good, pair it with shorts or cropped pants and low top shoes or sneakers. Shoes, such as boots, can also be dressed up with a bandana, the tip of the bandana placed in front or on the side for a cowboy style, total cool. Surprising!



4) The thigh bandana

The bandana around the thigh gives you a total rock and roll look, whether it is tied on a pair of jeans or simply around your bare leg when you are in shorts for example.

The ends of the bandana will form a knot, depending on your taste and desire of the moment. The choice is yours.



5) The bandana as an original fashion accessory

The bandana is a timeless fashion accessory that you can adopt and transform to your liking.

You can accessorize the bandana to your handbag to give it a personal touch of color. It is able to sublimate your simplest handbag by bringing a touch of originality and fantasy. The bandana emphasizes the smallest details for a perfect look! It is obvious that your handbag will be a source of attention for your greatest pleasure!


You can also use it to replace your belt. The bandana is indeed ideal tied around the waist, to highlight your silhouette. This sophisticated and elegant accessory can, depending on your taste and style, be hung on your blouse, pants with a result quite amazing and seductive. It is a real guarantee of femininity.

The bandana is thus declined in a thousand ways and you have to let your imagination express itself and do what you want with this little colored square!


When to wear a bandana?

The bandana, depending on how it is worn, has various connotations. To each one to adapt it with its style according to the tendency, its personality, its tastes or the events.

 1) The bandana in the context of casual and chic occasions

You can style your bandana with jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt for a simple elegant look or add your own unique style. Wear it around the neck, head or wrist or from the waist up, whichever way you wear it, the bandana will be a must-have addition to your outfit for both casual and chic occasions.

Tied around the neck or on your arm or around the wrists, the bandana gives a wild character to any jeans.



2) The bandana in the daily setting or casual events

The bandana is a stunning accessory to add to your casual wardrobe. It can match your outfits in any season and complement a variety of accessories.

For a casual look, choose a lightweight cotton bandana in a classic color, like blue or red, or a pattern, like paisley. For everyday wear, for an outing or simply as a comfort accessory for sports, the bandana is infinitely adaptable to your desires.



The bandana, the mythical accessory

So to conclude, a bandana, whether for a look inspired by the 90s or casual, is elegant, no matter what style you're looking for! It is an ideal accessory to enhance the silhouette for a total look-in.

This fabulous accessory, also called kerchief, must find a place in the wardrobe of any trendy person.

As for the colors, there are many possibilities. The color of the bandana can contrast with the colors of the outfit or, conversely, to associate with it.

Timeless, the bandana is a little jewel of exception that we must absolutely appropriate to be totally trendy, in this season and all those that will follow.

History tells it, the trend proves it. RoyalBandana knows it and invites you to surf on its remarkable collection of bandanas.

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