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Where to buy bandanas ?

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Where to buy bandanas ?

A brief guide for the bandana buyer

The bandana is the Swiss Army knife of the clothing and fashion world. Not only can these small pieces of printed fabric be used as a versatile fashion accessory, but they also have countless functional uses, such as sun protection or keeping your head cool on a hot summer day for example.

You can transform even the dullest, most boring outfit by simply pairing it with a beautiful bandana or scarf.


We already have many articles talking about the history of the bandana, but if you haven't yet stepped into the world of the cashmere printed bandana, we've put together this buyer's guide to give you an informative briefing on the subject and point you in the right direction.

Indeed, a bandana may seem like just a piece of fabric, but buying the perfect bandana or scarf requires a lot of research. When considering adding a bandana to your wardrobe, there are many parameters to consider: fabric, shape, season, color, trend, length, print and, of course, your personality.


What is a bandana?

A bandana is a relatively small square piece of fabric, normally decorated with a pattern or print. Usually measuring around 20x20Inch (50x50cm), bandanas are mainly made from a lightweight woven cotton piece that has been neatly hemmed around the edges.

Also known as a scarf or kerchief, the bandana is used around the world for decorative, protective and functional purposes, often worn around the head or neck.


I) Where to find and buy a bandana?

1) Market and local store

The first solution is to go to a market or a store near you specialized in fashion accessories and textile.

They will often have bandanas or other scarves to offer you.

The problem is that the choice is often very limited, and depending on where you live you may not have such a store near you.

That's why we propose you a better solution:


2) Buy bandana online


In fact, in the internet era, what could be easier than buying a bandana online without even having to leave your home?

At RoyalBandana, we have set up an online store of bandanas accessible to all fans of this wonderful fashion accessory.

You will find a very large choice of bandanas and kerchiefs with unique colors and patterns.

There are so many models that the choice is not always easy, so let's take an in-depth look at the different types of bandanas, the materials they are available in, the most popular styles and prints, and tips for caring for them.


II) The different fabrics of bandanas

1) Cotton bandana

The maintenance regime of a bandana is subjective depending on the fabric it is made of and the look you want to give it. Most old cotton bandanas are unalterable, which means they can be placed in the washing machine as needed and you don't have to worry about the color.



2) Silk bandana

Other bandanas may be dyed differently, or made from another fabric like silk, which means you'll need to wash and care for them accordingly.

Silk bandanas are made from the cocoons of mulberry silkworms. They can have a shiny or matte appearance. They are lightweight and exude a certain class. They are worn in summer.


3) Polyester bandana

And finally, the bandanas can also be made of polyester, light, very resistant and absorbent, they will be perfect for summer or sport for example, and will generally require to be washed by hand or in a soft machine in cold, in order to preserve the colors.

III) Patterns and printing of the bandana


Bandanas are usually solid color with a contrasting printed pattern, often of the paisley variety - a pattern originating in ancient Persia (modern day Iran) and traditionally consisting of elegant "teardrops" and other decorative shapes.

While the paisley pattern is most often used, bandanas often feature other patterns or printed images.

Patterns and images are applied to bandanas using the following methods:

  • Screen Printing - A process in which a mesh stencil stretched over a large "screen" is used to transfer ink to the fabric.
  • Resistance Dyeing - The fabric is treated with a solution before being dipped in the dye, and this solution prevents the treated areas from reacting with the dye, forming a contrasting pattern or sequence
  • Discharge printing - This method involves treating a piece of dyed fabric with a color destroying agent (such as chlorine), which bleaches a pattern onto the fabric.


IV) The different forms of Bandanas


Basically, there are three shapes of bandanas and scarves. They can be square, rectangular or triangular. When worn, they each create very different effects. There are countless variations in these three basic shapes, resulting in hundreds of choices.


1) Square bandana

The square bandana is the most classic and widespread design. It can be accessorized with any outfit for any occasion.



2) Rectangular bandana

Rectangular bandana gives a casual look to any outfit, it is usually worn with jeans or a short dress. It can be draped like a tie or cover the neck.

3) Triangular bandana

Triangular bandanas are invariably used as a neck warmer and were popularized as bandanas by the cowboys of the Wild West.

4) Large bandana

Like a shawl or scarf, it is considered a graceful accessory that is worn on the shoulder or covers the head on special occasions. It is known for its dignified and romantic appeal.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to see more clearly. Below you will find some of the most common and widespread quality bandanas, the safe bet so to speak.

If you are looking for original and quality bandanas, we have many models of scarves and bandanas for women but also a large collection of bandanas for men.

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