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Bandanna or bandana ? The correct spelling

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Bandanna or bandana ? The correct spelling

Bandannas or bandanas have become an essential accessory in today’s fashion world. They can be seen everywhere, from the runways to the streets, and have been used for various purposes, such as to cover the head or face, as a neckerchief, as a pocket square, and even as a face mask.

However, there is some confusion around the spelling of this versatile piece of fabric. Is it spelled bandanna or bandana? In this article, we will explore the origins of this accessory and the correct spelling.


1) The Origins of the Bandana


The bandana has its roots in India, where it was originally made from silk and cotton. It was used as a head covering to protect from the heat and dust, and was also worn as a scarf by women.

The word “bandanna” comes from the Hindi word “bandhna,” which means “to tie.” The design of the bandanna was inspired by the intricate pasley patterns found in Indian textiles and was usually brightly colored.

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2) The Evolution of the Bandanna


The bandanna was introduced to the western world in the 18th century by the British East India Company. It was quickly adopted by cowboys and became a popular accessory in the western United States.

The bandana was also used as a symbol of rebellion during the Civil War, with soldiers wearing them as a sign of solidarity. Over time, the bandanna evolved to become a more versatile accessory, with new designs, fabrics, and uses.


3) The Correct Spelling: bandana or bandanna?


The spelling of the word “bandanna” or “bandana” has been a subject of confusion for many people.

Both spellings are considered acceptable, but the preferred spelling in American English is “bandana,” while the British English spelling is “bandanna.”

The difference in spelling is likely due to the variations in pronunciation of the word in different regions.



In conclusion, whether you spell it “bandanna” or “bandana,” it remains a popular and versatile accessory. The origins of the bandanna in India, its adoption by cowboys in the western United States, and its evolution into a popular fashion accessory all contribute to its appeal.

While the spelling may differ depending on where you are, the bandanna remains a beloved piece of fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways.

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