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Top 20 : Most Original Ways to Use a Bandana

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Top 20 : Most Original Ways to Use a Bandana

These days, the bandana is more than just an accessory used by cowboys!

The bandanas or other classic patterned scarves we know and love have made their way into crafts, fashion, home decor, and even play a role in health and survivalism.

Without further ado, check out 20 original uses for your bandana!

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Here are 20 offbeat, awesome, useful and sometimes brilliant ways to use your bandana:

1) Scarf

Wearing a bandana will keep your neck from getting too cold, too hot or too tan. It's lightweight, and you can always switch it out if you get another one. Using a red bandana for this is a classic.

bandana scarf woman royalbandana


2) Waymarker

Because bandanas are so easy to see and tie, they are perfect for hikers to mark a trail for those following you, or in case you get lost. Don't forget to tie this bandana securely, if it's important to you or other hikers. (see our article on which bandana to choose for hiking)


3) Bra

When the summer months arrive, it's important to feel comfortable. Making or buying a bandana can be a fashionable and inexpensive way to beat the heat. Make your own bra with your favorite bandana, or buy one in almost every color of the rainbow!


4) Hair bun

When your hair needs to be tied back and out of your face, a bandana can help. Tie your hair with the bandana like a bun, or tie the bandana around your head and tuck your hair inside. Either way, it will give you an irresistible look (for more hairstyle ideas see our article: Top hairstyles with a bandana).

Hair bun bandana woman


5) Ice pack

The size and thickness of a bandana makes it a great candidate for a makeshift ice pack if you hurt yourself or suffer an injury. Put ice or frozen vegetables in the bandana and hold in contact with the injured area. You'll be healed in no time.


6) Gift wrap

When you wrap a small gift in a bandana, you are really giving your friend the actual gift and... potentially the bandana. (Great original gift and 2 in 1).


7) Lamp Shade

A DIY lamp shade with a bandana can be a super fun addition to your home. You can attach a bandana to a wire lampshade frame or sew it onto an actual lampshade for added structure. Either way, make sure your bulb is appropriate for the fixture...bandanas are great, but they ARE still flammable.


8) Dog Accessories

Putting a bandana on your dog is helpful for identification and soaking up sweat on a hot day. Plus, it's pretty damn cute and adorable!

royal dog bandana


9) Towel or shower glove

For the adventurous or apprentice camper, the bandana, in a pinch, can be used to wash with soap, water or cleaning solution. It's small enough that it can be padded for extra pressure, or unfolded to cover a larger area.


10) Team accessory

If you're like me, you love team sports such as basketball, soccer or any activity that requires you to form teams. Using a bandana around your arm, neck or leg as an identifier for a team can be a great way to keep the game from getting confusing. It's better than doing the t-shirt team versus the shirtless team, right?


11) Small bag

Keep a scarf with you to carry small things around the woods, home or in your purse. Sharp objects won't usually tear your bandana, and the sturdiness of the fabric keeps most things safe!


12) Bandana as a support or protection

Need a clean, comfortable place to park your butt when you're out and about? Use your own towel-like bandana to rest your little butt on! Bandanas are the perfect size for a portable pillow, so you can be comfortable and not get dirty while sitting.


13) Beach Bag

All you need is two bandanas, a drawstring and a safety pin to make a handy, versatile little beach bag! They're great because you can take them anywhere, and if they get dirty, you can throw them in the washer.

 Beach Bag


14) Playing Card Holder

Lost your cardboard card case? No worries! A bandana can keep your cards comfortable and safe. Open your bandana, insert the cards and fold the fabric over them, tying the bandana at the end.


15) Cloth napkin

Bandanas are a fun and original way to give a dinner party, barbecue or picnic a little extra flare and style.

They're less messy than white napkins and have a lot more class than a paper towel. Try some fancy folding techniques, if you decide to throw a bandana party, all your guests will be thrilled.

bandana napkin


16) Eyeglass and lens case cleaner

It won't protect your glasses if, say, they get run over by your dad's tractor, but keeping your sunglasses in a bandana is a great way to clean and protect your glasses from scratches when you're on the go.


17) Water Filter

We don't often think of fabric as having holes, but the tiny little holes between the fibers of a bandana can be a great way to filter water while camping. Clean water is important and vital; who knew a bandana could have so many uses?


18) Splint

If you're not too short or too tall, a bandana can make a perfect improvised splint or sling in case of injury. If you're camping and get into trouble, your bandana could be just the thing to help keep your injured limb safe!


19) Window Curtain

The fun patterns and thickness of the bandana make it a great candidate for curtains! Smaller windows may only need a few, but for larger ones, you'll probably need to, sew several together.

bandana curtain


20) Sleep mask

Need to sleep but it's still too light? A bandana can help! Fold the bandana and place it over your eyes, or tie it around your head for a more secure mask. Sweet dreams, happy campers or great adventurers!

Of course, you can also use bandanas as a fashion accessory and enhance your style. You can find many bandanas, for all styles and tastes on Royalbandana.

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And you then, what is the use of bandanas that you prefer?

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