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Bandana hairstyles

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Bandana hairstyles

The best bandana hairstyles in 2021

Discover the best hairstyles to do with your bandana in your hair!

They are very trendy and give a style between rockstar and pin-up: these classic bits of fabric were all the rage in the 80's and now they are back in fashion!

We have already seen Selena Gomez use them several times...


Through this article we will show you the 8 most beautiful and varied ways to put on a bandana. You will be able to try them in front of your mirror and choose the one that suits you best:


1) The headband


First, tie up your hair. Take the bandana and fold it in the middle to make it look like a triangle. Fold it several times into 1 or 1.5 Inch sections and place the center over the hair at the nape of the neck and tie it at the top.

Free your hair or not, as you wish... Ready to go!

2) Retro style


Make a high bun. Then fold the bandana in half to make a triangle. Insert the tip inward, as if you were hiding it, and put the bandana from the nape of the neck up.

3) Hippie chic


Let your hair down. Twist the bandana as in style 1 and support it at the back, halfway up your head.

Tie it on the side (the knot in the middle doesn't work!!). Simple and chic!

4) Headband with a twist


First, separate two strands from the sides of your face from the rest of your hair.

Fold the bandana back as in style 1, rest it at the back half of your head and tie it over the top as if it were a headband. Take each loose strand and attach it to the bandana, the "half tail". Great!

To achieve this style at its best we recommend a red bandana.

5) Glamour Bun


Very simple: make a bun at the height you want and with the style you like. Fold or twist the bandana and tie it around the bun. And that's it!


6) Original ponytail

Easier than the bun: gather your hair into a high tail with a thin elastic band. Then tie the bandana in a knot, leaving the excess hanging down the sides.


Variant :

More romantic and very flattering: with a low ponytail, knotted and dropping the tips on the sides.

7) Wrist bandana


As in the previous style, fold the bandana and tie it on one wrist. Leave a few extra centimeters so that the ends hang down when you tie it. Very cool!

8) Attached to your bag


Make a knot on the end of one of the straps.... It's beautiful! Combine different colors of bandanas with each bag to see which duo you prefer.

So, which of these ways of putting on a bandana do you prefer? Just tell us!


For a better fit, choose a standard size bandana (22 Inch).

If you have long hair, it may be helpful to lean forward when attaching the bandana to keep it away from your neck. This will allow you to attach the bandana more easily. Your hair will also be less likely to get caught in the knot.

If you have bangs, let some of your hair stick out on either side of your face for a natural look.

Buy bandanas in different colors to make sure you have one for every outfit.


So, bandanas are simple but versatile tools for any collection of women's accessories. They are more casual versions of a scarf, and when properly applied to a given situation, they can replace many different hair accessories.

Since they are usually made of cotton fibers, they are absorbent and can take on a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can find bandanas in almost any color you can imagine, as well as a wide range of designs and even thematic characters and styles.


In older generations, bandanas were considered to be true all-purpose tools. In addition to their original use as scarves to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, bandanas can be tied in different ways to make small bags to wear.

The only limit to their use is your imagination.

You can find a selection of the best bandanas especially for you directly on Royalbandana.

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