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Benefits and utility of wearing a durag

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Benefits and utility of wearing a durag

Discover all the advantages of wearing a durag

Do you regularly wear a durag? Or are you starting to get interested in them, and you wonder, besides the aesthetic aspect, what is the real use of wearing a durag?

Then read on, because we're going to tell you everything about durags!

1) Brief history of the durag

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The origin and history of the durag is a vast topic: it was first in the United States that people started wearing their durags in public, mainly black artists and athletes. Originally, durags were used by black men to protect and style their hair at night.

Men wore durags to prevent their hair from being damaged while they slept. Men with braids, for example, wore durags to preserve their hair and avoid friction, frizz and flyaways.

And, most importantly, durag can help create and maintain the waviest "waves" possible. (That's why you need to know how to put a durag).

With the growing popularity of hip-hop culture, artists in the genre have begun to influence the fashion scene. As a result, more and more rappers started wearing durags in their music videos.

50 cent durag

50 Cent notably put a durag on the cover of Get Rich or Die Trying in 2003.

But apart from the aesthetic and cultural value of the durag as a fashion object, there are real advantages to wear it:

2) The advantages and benefits of the durag

1. Maintain the waves

durag wave hairstyle 360

Thanks to the way hair grows, it's hard to keep it in place and prevent it from curling too much.

Those who want 360 waves go through a lot of brushing, but durags can help them in this process.

Because durags can stay securely in place on the head, they help hold the hair in place and get it used to staying flat on the head, instead of pushing outward. And that's just one of the benefits of a durag when you want this style.

Another challenge to getting waves is going to sleep with a durag every time, as your sheets and pillows can add frizz and dry out your hair.

Wearing a durag when you go to bed thus helps your hair maintain moisture to stay in 360 waves. If you wear a durag when you go to bed, and after your brushing session, you'll be well on your way to maintaining 360 waves.

2. Durag: help during exercise

man wearing a durag sport

Despite the sports controversies in the history of durags, they're still a great option when it comes to exercise and other sporting activities.

In fact, wearing a durag can help absorb some of the sweat from your forehead. Since sweat in the eyes is very annoying and can irritate the eyes, the durag is an excellent training accessory.

Moreover, for those who have long hair, the durag allows to avoid to maintain it in order to avoid being embarrassed during the effort.

3. Improve hair texture

durag hair texture for men

It's natural for your hair to lose moisture throughout the day, which can make thick hair look and feel dry.

Fortunately, there are many products that can help solve these problems, and durag can enhance the effect. In fact, whenever you use an oil or cream, wearing a durag will extend the amount of time they can stay in your hair without evaporating, improving the texture of your hair so it feels healthy and smooth to the touch.

4. Maintaining braids

Braids can have the same problems as 360 waves, such as becoming frizzy over time.

Stray hair starts to unravel from these twists, which isn't nice with all the time it takes to gather it. Durags are thus very effective in holding braids together, especially when sleeping at night.

And anything that can help you keep your favorite hairstyle is good to go.

5. Hair straightening

durag man hairstyle royalbandana

Some people prefer to straighten their hair, but going through regular perms can damage your hair.

This is because the high temperatures break down the proteins in your hair, which you don't want your strands to suffer. So using a durag to tie your hair back keeps it straight, reduces the number of perms needed, and keeps your hair in good shape longer while still looking stylish.


6. Protect hair from sun damage

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Just like damage from perms, prolonged time in the sun can also make your hair look dull. For those who spend a lot of time outdoors or like to sunbathe, durags can limit the amount of time you spend in the sun.

However, if you want to use a durag to protect your hair from the sun, you'll need to use a light colored durag to reflect the light.

Darker colors absorb more heat, which defeats the purpose of using a durag to prevent sun damage.

7. Comfort with helmets

Bicycle helmets and similar devices are intended to protect our heads from damage in the event of an accident.

However, when riding for a long period of time, sweat and other oils from the scalp tend to accumulate and do not always smell pleasant afterwards.

This build-up can also be uncomfortable. A durag adds an extra layer to capture sweat before it enters your helmet and starts to cause discomfort, making it a good choice for cyclists for example.

8. Keeping your hairstyle

durag man keep hairstyle

We've talked a lot about using durags to keep different styles intact longer, but you can also use it for the short term.

If you're heading to an event and don't want wind, rain or anything else to mess up your style, a durag can keep things in place until you arrive. Once you arrive, take the durag off, and enjoy your hair still intact!

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Now you know all about the many potential benefits of durag.

If you want to combine the utilitarian side of the durag with the aesthetic side, don't hesitate to take a look at our large collection of durag for men, you will surely find your happiness!

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