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How to put a Durag

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How to put a Durag

For years, durags have played an important role in hair care and as a fashion accessory.

But not everyone knows the history of the durag, how to wear it, or the benefits it provides.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about durags, so you can wear one with confidence, whether it's just for style and fashion or for its utilitarian side.

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I) History of Durags

Durags, sometimes called "do-rags", have a long and somewhat dark history. If you do a little research, you will find that durags were common in the 19th century.

Back then, African Americans wore durags, but not by choice. Rather, the durag was a way to identify slaves and laborers, an indicator of the wearer's poverty.

And while this negative stigma continued for some time, things began to change in the early 19th century.

Indeed, things have subsequently changed a lot over the decades with many superstars (from rap stars to athletes) wearing them today, both for their practical, cultural and stylistic uses.

durag rapper style

If you want to go into more detail about the history of the durag feel free to check out our article on the history and meaning of the durag.

II) How to tie a Durag

Depending on the style of durag you choose and the reason you want to use it, there are different ways to wear a durag.

We will first look at the "classic" way to wear it for everyday use, and then at the best way to wear it to ensure that you enhance your hairstyle and get the famous 360 degree "waves" when you lay down.

afro man with waves hairstyle

1) Daily use for styling

  • For beginners, start by centering the durag correctly on your head, as if you were putting on a hood. (Make sure the middle seam is on the outer side of the durag. You don't want a mark from the seam to show up in your hair).
  • Make sure the front end of the durag is between your eyebrows and hairline to completely cover your hair. Also, make sure to line the durag up with the center of your head to make it even.
  • Once you have it in place, you can take the strips on each side, one in each hand, and pull them to meet at the back of your head and make them cross.

durag attach band

PS: be careful to make sure they don't wrap around themselves, it might not be very comfortable later.

  • Then, making sure that the bands stay crossed at the back of your head, pull them until they cross again but at the front of your head, at your forehead.
  • When you're done, tie the durag strips behind your head to hold the durag in place permanently.

A few tips before tying: the goal is to tie the durag tightly enough to hold it in place, but not too tightly either, the goal is not to hurt your head.

  • Once the knot is securely tied, you will need to pull on the part of the durag that hangs over the back of your neck, this will help ensure that the durag compresses the hair well, which is especially important if you are using it to generate the famous 360 degree waves.

men's durag back tie

As for the rest, it's all about style. Indeed, you can let it hang on the back of your neck or fold it up and tie it as you prefer. This is purely aesthetic.

Sometimes it takes a while to get used to tying your durag properly. But once you master the technique, you won't be able to stop.

2) Tying your durag to keep your hair in place while you sleep

When it comes to putting a durag on permanently before bed, most of the process is the same as mentioned above.

However, there will be a few variations to ensure a perfect 360 degree curve. In fact, all the first steps will be the same until the knot stage.

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In this case, you should not tie the bands at the back of your head, it could leave marks in your hair. Prefer for example an elastic headband to maintain the whole in place without having to make a knot.

You can then fix the ends that protrude in the elastic band if needed for more comfort.


III) Which durag to choose

Although you still need to wear your durag for a while to get results, silky durags tend to give better results in less time than other types of durags.

1) Silky Durag

If you want to compress the hair to achieve the legendary 360 degree wave hairstyle, "silky" durags are one of the best choices.

Silky durags are woven with polyester fibers and other materials to give them a shiny look. Silky durags combine comfort and elegance.

men's silky durags

In compression, they are one of the most effective ways to give hair a 360-degree wave shape. While you'll have to wear them for a while to get results, silky durag tends to offer better results in less time than other types of durag.

2) Silk Durag

Pure silk durags are bright and stylish, and also work great when it comes to compression. They allow you to make the most of both aesthetic and practical aspects.

3) Velvet Durags

Another unique aesthetic option comes in the form of velvet durags. In terms of design, the exterior uses velvet, while the interior is made of different fabrics.

durag velvet man

This material gives a unique feel, and they are among the most aesthetically appealing options. They are also comfortable to wear, which is also an advantage.

When it comes to hair compression, velvet durags do the job, however, they are not as effective as the existing silk options.

4) Mesh Durag

Mesh durags use polyester materials, making them one of the least expensive options. They are also lightweight and give a sort of sheer effect.

The lighter weight of these durags makes them less effective at compressing hair for waves. They can sometimes be more effective than velvet options, but mesh durags are best for cosmetic purposes rather than styling your hair.

satin durags for men


5) Satin Durags

At first glance, satin has many similarities to silk, mainly due to its soft feel and shiny appearance.

However, satin is much lighter than silk. As far as the compression factor goes, for making 360 degree waves, so they won't be the most effective.

Again, this option works well if you want to wear a durag for style, but its practicality for compression is limited.

6) Other factors to consider

durag black men's style

Naturally, how you want to use your durag is the main factor that will affect your choice.

However, when you choose to buy and wear it, keep in mind the following other criteria:

  • Comfort: indeed, if you want to be able to wear it for a long time to get the maximum effect, comfort will be essential. So make sure the material is comfortable.
  • Style: if you only wear it when you sleep to hold your hair, then style is secondary. However, if you plan to wear your durag for style in your daily life, then taking a durag that you like the look of will be essential.

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Now you know everything about the durag and how to wear it, all you have to do is get one if you haven't already.

We have a large collection of durags for that, in which you will find your happiness for sure!

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