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Bandana bib: 3 reasons to adopt it

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Bandana bib: 3 reasons to adopt it

Three reasons why you will become addicted to the Bandana Bib

Through this short article, I will present you three reasons why you should adopt the bandana bib for your baby.

1) Bandana Bib: Absorbs Drool

Even before my son was born, I knew he was going to be a drool baby because his dad was one before him.

And it didn't fail, from the day we brought my son home, he kept his mouth open and buckets of drool poured out.

see bib bandana royalbandana

My mother-in-law suggested I use a lot of the classic bibs because they had encountered the same problem in the past. Thankfully, baby fashion has progressed so much since then.

A Bandana bib is different from a regular bib in that it is cut in a triangle shape instead of a U shape. For a more stylish look while still being functional.

2) Bandana bib: perfect combination of aesthetics and utility

Originally, we bought about 10 different random brands in our search for the right bandana bib.

Then Royalbandana started making theirs and it was instant love. The organic cotton and polyester blend was just the right amount of softness and durability.

royalbandana rockstar bib

Some of the brands we tried tended to be scratchy due to their texture and were only moderately absorbent.

I don't know if it's the weave that allows the bib to hold so much drool or the fabric mix. But once on a long flight, we didn't change his bandana bib for about 6 hours and his clothes were still dry while the bib was soaked with slime.

I have since become completely addicted to bandana bibs. Plus they come in all colors and patterns. Whatever your taste and style, you're bound to find one that will make your baby so cute and protect him from stains and drool.

 baby with bandana bib


3) Bib Bandana: Pretty and practical

We live in the south of France, so most of the time we just put super absorbent diapers and a Bandana bib on our son (sometimes a t-shirt if we leave the house). I feel like my son seems to be fine and clean overall and we don't have to change outfits throughout the day.

He's barely a year old and his 4th tooth is coming out, he's chewing everything and drooling profusely.

Bib bandanas are not only for drooling, they are also an integral part of our baby's outfit. My husband often forgets to take off and change his bib at home.

buy bib bandana royalbandana

We used to almost always forget to bring a bib when we went out to eat. But now with our bandana bibs that are an integral part of her outfit we no longer have this problem.

Many of our bandana bibs have been used to keep food out of her clothes during meals. And not once have we had a problem with stains.

I wash and dry like my regular clothes, sometimes I use a stain remover if the food was particularly messy.

And have you also adopted a Bandana Bib for your little slobber monster?

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