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Bandana: how to make a pin-up hairstyle

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Bandana: how to make a pin-up hairstyle

All girls who boast of being a pin-up must curl their hair. Curls made with bobby pins and curlers were a popular look among pin-ups in the 60s and 80s.

Through this short article, discover how to achieve a real pin-up hairstyle easily and in just a few minutes!

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Secrets of homemade hairstyle to become a real pin-up

1) Pin-up hairstyle

The curls were done with a perm. This made it easier to shape the hair into curls, but it can also be done without adding chemicals.

One method to get curls with bobby pins is to pour gel at the root of a small strand of wet hair, then wrap it around your finger until you reach the scalp (you can twist it in any direction you want).

Remove your finger from the loop and secure it with a hairpin. Then repeat this process all over your hair, let it dry and remove the hairpins.

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Many videos on the internet explain, step by step the authentic methods to comb the curls made with hairpins to get a vintage and pin-up look.

You can use electric rollers or a curling iron to make the curls, although it takes some practice to get the right look.

royalbandana pin-up style

If the hair is too short or too thin to comb, you can try putting on a wig in the pin-up style you have chosen.


2) Pin-up fashion accessory: the bandana!

Pin up girls' hair should generally look soft, neat and simple with the minimum of products, but they mostly gave themselves the freedom to have fun and give their look a little more personality with hair fashion accessories.

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And especially the bandana! Indeed if you really want to get a vintage look like the pin-up and femme fatales of the 80's, the bandana is simply the essential accessory to finalize your hairstyle

To do this you simply tie the bandana in your hair, making the knot on top of your scalp. Simple and effective.

woman pin-up bandana style

And that's it! You're ready to hit the streets of your city with your unique and elegant pin-up style.

To go further discover our top Bandana hairstyles.

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