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How to wear a bandana with short hair

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How to wear a bandana with short hair

A bandana can make a woman look younger. There are different ways to wear a bandana with short hair. Just choose a bandana hairstyle to suit any occasion and enhance your look instantly!

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What is a bandana?

A bandana is a fashion accessory that you can tie around your head. Bandanas are available in different fabrics, prints and shapes, which means you are bound to get one to your liking.

Bandanas are meant to tie the hair to keep it away from the face while ensuring that there is no compromise on style and being fashionable.

bandana short hair

A bandana can make you look cool, chic and aesthetically pleasing if you make the right choice of print and know how to put it on. Bandanas come in many sizes and shapes as you can find bandanas that are long enough to fall along your shoulders.

Also, there are bandanas that are just the size of a handkerchief that is attached to your hair.

If you are looking to learn more about the origin of bandanas, you can check out our article: History and Origin of Bandanas

Best Bandana Hairstyles for Women

A bandana can help your hair look cool and unique. Women often complain about the lack of options for their hairstyles and that's where fashion accessories come in. There are different hairstyles with bandanas that can diversify your look and make you look gorgeous.

The variety of hairstyles with bandanas depends on your creativity. If you are looking for new ways to wear your bandana, below are some of the trendiest styles for short hairstyles to try in 2020.

retro short hair bandana for women

They are a beautiful accessory for your hair that gives a retro yet fashionable look. Wearing a bandana around your head with short hair is quite easy.

It can be done in any of the three popular shapes: skull cap bandana, traditional scarf style, and headband style. All are attractive and impressive in their own way, so choose the style that appeals to you the most.

Bandana short hair: Hairstyles

Your first step would be to go out and buy several bandanas that you like. Make sure you choose the colors that suit your wardrobe. Once you buy at least 3 bandanas, you can start the fun experiments. Below are some great ways to wear a bandana on your short hair.

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1. Retro style bandana

You don't need to spend 25 minutes in front of the mirror trying to fix a hairstyle with a bandana. All you need is 60 seconds to tie it around the back of your head and tie it in a bow on top. It's simple, chic and perfect for a no-fuss day.

retro style bandana royal woman bandana

2. Bandana with voluminous bangs

If you have long bangs, brush them with a little gel or just spray hairspray and tie your bandana behind them in a simple bow.

Bandana with voluminous bangs


3. Side sweep with a bandana

This is a great option for those with side swept bangs or a bobbed hairstyle. It's simple enough to be casual for a concert or party, but chic enough to turn heads.

Side sweep with a bandana


4. Pin-up Bandana

Embrace your inner pin-up for this retro hairstyle. Add tousled waves to your hair and style it with a knotted bandana.

Pin-up Bandana


5. Vintage Bandana Hairstyle

Like the hairstyle above, this one embraces a vintage pin-up style but it's a little more structured and just as fabulous.

bandana woman short hair vintage royalbandana


6. Bandana: head cover

Bandanas are perfect for a bad hair day. Just wrap your hair in a thick bandana and tie it in the front. And there's no need to do your hair today!

women's bandana head cover royalbandana


7. Bandana headband

Today it is fashionable to tie your bandana on the top of your head with a pretty bow, but the bandana can also be worn simply as a headband with a bow on the back of the head.

Bandana headband


Now you know how to enhance your look and get a unique style. Simple and elegant. If you are looking for bandanas you can check out our beautiful and wide collection of bandanas for women.

Hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to share your favorite looks with us!

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