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Top 9 ways to wear a bandana

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Top 9 ways to wear a bandana

In this article, will show you the different ways to wear a bandana

Can we all take a minute to talk about all this movement and excitement around the bandana right now? And even, more generally, to the whole head accessories because I also really like the look of scarves and headbands.

But I think the bandana remains my favorite for its versatility! There are so many ways to wear a bandana that this little fashion accessory deserves its own blog article on "how to wear it".


I'm very excited to share my love for these great fashion accessories with you and show you through this article how to wear a bandana - and give you lots of ideas on how to enhance your look this summer.


You've probably noticed (or you'll notice) this little red fashion accessory that appears in outfits all over Instagram's blog and photos.

It quickly became my favorite accessory of the season, and I don't even hesitate to wear it every day. So much so that I just bought 2 more colors last week. This allows me to adapt to my outfit of the day to get something cuter and more matching.

9 ways to wear a bandana this summer


I haven't personally tried all these ways of wearing it, but I wanted to share all the different ways you can eventually wear a bandana in case you want to try it for yourself.

First of all, let's talk about the different ways to wear a bandana on your head or in your hair - as we have some variations here.


1. As a headband


Wearing it as a headband may be my favorite because it's so easy. I've been doing it (and number 3) all summer so far! It's cute if you want to keep your hair out of your face or when it's hot (i.e. all summer long especially if you're in the south of France or in Florida).

Just tie the bandana around your head and leave the hair down, half up or tied up at the top. Everything is beautiful! You can choose to leave the knot behind your hair or at the top. I find both cute, depending on what I'm looking for. The bow in front adds a more feminine touch, which is fun.


2. Inverted headband


It's pretty much the same as way #1 (like a headband), except instead of tying it on the back under the hair, you tie it on top to have a nice little bow. I also often wear it like this when I'm at the beach - it's such a cute look!


3. Tie your bandana around your ponytail


I also like to do this with ribbons, but a bandana is so fun and pretty around a ponytail. It adds a bit of daring to an ordinary ponytail effortlessly.

You can make a low ponytail or a high ponytail, personally I usually go for a high one. Tip: Use a headband first and then tie the bandana on for more support.

Now let's move on to how you can wear your bandana as a collar, as there are actually some variations on how to wear your bandana around your neck as well!


4. Cowgirl style bandana


Personally, I've never worn it like this (yet!), but I've seen girls really make an outfit by wearing their bandana like this. I have to try it, for sure. How about you?


5. Around the neck tight


Another way to wear your bandana is like a necklace that you can see in the outfit above. This way of wearing a bandana may seem surprising, but I love the way it looks with an open neckline like this dress.

The goal is to make sure that you fold the bandana very tightly so that all the ends are secure. This works best when you use a square bandana, like the ones from RoyalBandana.


6. Wear it tied around your neck like a knotted necklace.


This may be my favorite way of styling the bandana right now. It's so nice, isn't it? Since my favorite bandana is red, I like to wear it with a simple white shirt and denim shorts.

I feel like it's summer! I also like to wear it with a pretty dress, white or black. Any color combination can work, depending on the color of the bandana or scarf you use.

If you wear this style, keep the earrings minimalist, otherwise there will be too much to do.


7. On your bag for an extra touch of color


Or sometimes, if I feel like something is missing from my outfit and I'm not in the mood to wear it as a necklace or around my head, I tie it to my bag.

I also do it with scarves. It's such a fun way to add a little color to an outfit without having to put too much effort into it.


8. Tie your bandana to jeans


If you are wearing a basic outfit and just want a little extra, you can tie the bandana in the shape of a knot on one of the loops of your belt or to a pocket. Again, super simple but cute!


9. Like a bra with 2 knotted bandanas

If it is a large bandana, or by tying 2 standard bandanas, you can wear it to cover your swimsuit or make it like a bra.

I've seen girls make very cute tops with bandanas, but it's not really my style.

I don't like to show so much skin! If you like this look but don't want to show a lot of skin either, try it over a bandana swimsuit.

It's really cute with high waist shorts for a day at the pool or something. It would be really cute for the beach too!


Do you have other ways to wear a scarf or bandana? Let me know, I love to try new things!

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