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How to tie a bandana like Tupac

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How to tie a bandana like Tupac

How to wear a bandana like 2pac?

Tupac Shakur (or 2pac), although today no longer in this world, is still very well known and even considered by many as THE best rapper of all time.

Indeed, Tupac was one of the greatest representatives of hip-hop in the 1990s, and of the exponential growth of rap in that same period.

Unlike Gangsta Rap, which was very popular at the time and was all about money, women and drugs, Shakur introduced deeper social issues into his songs.


He was also an actor, an activist, a leader and one of the style kings of his time. He was very often seen wearing bandanas, which he wore in a way that was very much his own.

We will thus, through this article, pay tribute to this great rapper who will have definitely left his mark, and you will explain in detail how to wear a bandana the same way he did.

You will have an unforgettable look!


Tupac, more than just a rapper...


In the legendary rivalry between the East and West coasts of the United States, he was one of the central characters on the side of Los Angeles and Death Row Records, a label founded by Suge Knight and Dr Dre.

He also used the image of a bad boy with his attitude and tattoos all over his body to set a global trend. His West Coast style included different accessories, the main one being the bandana.

He was also very fond of the famous nose piercings and other jewelry, including large chains. The rebellious and cool style par excellence at the time.

Many of his looks and music titles are still very much appreciated today, proving that he is well ahead of his time, whether in hip-hop or fashion.


In addition to his innovative and unforgettable style, Tupac was a very popular and talented rapper who sold more than 75 million albums worldwide.

This makes him one of the best-selling artists of all time. All this while having produced only 5 studio albums.

In front of this success and this atypical look, Tupac became for many an idol. Many people wanted to gather him and adopt his look, especially with his legendary bandana.


A) How do you put on a bandana like Tupac (2pac)?


First of all, you should know that Tupac was a big fan of bandanas. He wore them very regularly, in different colors and styles for different days and occasions.

The rapper wore his bandana on his head in 3 different ways:

  • as an inverted headband,
  • with a knot protruding from the front on the head,
  • tie at the level of the forehead on the head, by covering the whole of its hair.

So here are her main detailed looks without further delay, so you can reproduce them in a few minutes without difficulty.

1. Knotted like an inverted headband


This is the most atypical and known way to wear a Tupac style bandana. It was also his favorite style, and he was very regularly seen wearing a bandana this way.

To achieve this style, it's quite simple:

  1. put the bandana flat
  2. roll it on itself until you get a headband of the desired width.
  3. Take both ends of the bandana in each hand.
  4. position it on the back of your head
  5. Tie both ends at your forehead with a simple knot.

You can also, if you wish, make a double knot, however, Tupac was mostly satisfied with a single knot.

PS: As far as looks go, it should also be noted that 2Pac was also a fan of bulletproof vests, which had become a signature for him in the 90s.

For the anecdote, the night Tupac was killed, he allegedly refused to wear his bulletproof vest because it was "too hot".


2. Knotted on the head in reverse


This method was the second most popular way to wear a Tupac bandana.

It allowed him to cover his head completely, a bit like a cap could do, while keeping his legendary bow on the forehead for style, which had become his trademark.

To achieve this style :

  1. lay your bandana flat
  2. fold the bandana in half diagonally (so as to obtain a triangle)
  3. grasp both ends of the triangularly folded bandana
  4. position the bandana on your head so that it covers your head (placed at the back of your head with the tip falling on your forehead)
  5. bring both ends back to the front of your head
  6. Tie them over the tip that falls on your forehead with a simple knot.

You can then leave the tip overhanging or pass it under the bandana to hide it. It's up to you according to your preferences.

Tupac liked to highlight his "Thug Life" side, which he believed was the acronym for The Hate U (You) Gave Little Infants Fucks Everybody.

This expression was popularized by 2Pac.


3. Bandana knotted to cover the whole head


Slightly less used by Tupac than the other two methods, this method is still very trendy and popular.

To realize this style it will be necessary to follow the same steps as before but by tying the bandana at the back of the head at the end.

It will thus be necessary in the order :

  1. put the bandana flat and fold it in half in the shape of a triangle.
  2. grasp both ends place the longer side on your forehead
  3. cover your entire head with the bandana (the tip that hangs over the back of your head)
  4. bring both ends back to the back of your head (at the nape of the neck)
  5. tie them with a single or double knot

And here it is, simply effective, a true ganster style à la 2pac.

B) Death of Tupac: the tragic end of a legend


The attack that claimed the life of the famous American rapper Tupac Shakur took place in 1996 in the city of Las Vegas, USA.

On September 7, 1996, with some friends and associates, he got out of a fight with Mike Tyson in Las Vegas and got into a fight with Orlando Anderson, a man belonging to a rival gang in Los Angeles.

A few hours later, Shakur was in the car with Knight, and as they stopped at the headlight, a white Cadillac paired up and opened fire on the vehicle, hitting the rapper four times.

Tupac Shakur was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries, but he couldn't resist and died six days later.


Tupac still alive?


Investigations were quickly dropped by the Las Vegas Police Department, with allegations of a lack of witnesses, leading to the emergence of numerous conspiracy theories by fans, involving everyone from the B.I.G. to the FBI itself or the CIA.

Anderson, considered a prime suspect, died in a gang shooting shortly afterwards.

The conflict between East Coast and West Coast rap came to an end shortly afterwards, when the notorious B.I.G. was also shot in Los Angeles.

However, many people believed for a long time that there was a conspiracy and thus remained convinced that the rapper was still alive.

The latest "proof" that the rapper is not dead is a selfie contained in a YouTube video supposedly showing Tupac - or a man who looks like him.


In 2012, the former CEO of Death Row Records (Suge Knight), added even more credit to this conspiracy theory by suggesting that Tupac was still alive.

Suge Knight stated that he never saw the artist's body after his death, although he was present the night of the shooting.

Snoop Dogg also maintained the mystery by stating in a radio interview: "Pac is elsewhere.

Other photos of the rapper appeared after his death, but it later turned out that they were montages or someone else. Some of his fans will never totally fall in love with him.

Anyway, Tupac remains and will remain a rap legend, and in a way, will thus remain immortal.


Now you know everything there is to know about how to get the same look as Tupac with a bandana!

If you are ever looking for a bandana to complete your collection with this wonderful accessory, feel free to take a look at our large collection of bandanas for men.

There is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for.

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