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How to wear a bandana men

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How to wear a bandana men

Don't know how to wear a bandana? Then read on, because this guide will show you how to wear it properly without looking like Rambo.

Forget about pirates and biker gangs storming the American highways, the bandana has been redesigned. No longer just a cover for that bald head you've been trying to hide, it can be transformed into a colorful fashion accessory, perfect for any time of year.


With celebrities like Harry Styles leading this trend, it's bound to be a big trend. The great thing about a bandana is the level of diversity of styles you can wear it with.

Around the neck for a pop attitude, attached to the pocket or just the typical around your head type headband. The options are endless.


How to tie a men's bandana


The trick with a bandana is not to let it wear you. You don't want it to look like an accessory put there by accident. It should look like an extension of your style, not a last minute attempt to look cool. I would consider thinking about how you match it to the rest of our outfit and how you color it, and style it where appropriate.


Top Ways to Wear a Bandana for Men

So you've bought a bandana, and now you need to know what style you want to choose. Fear not! At RoyalBandana, we've put together a list of our top looks for you.

The great thing about a bandana is that it's not just for festival season! Who knew. Thanks to a few runway shows (Louis Vuitton, Hermes,...), the trend has finally reversed.

Think more chic and add it to your suit, or update your jeans by tying it around your leg. Keep reading and I guarantee you'll want to buy a bandana by the end of this article.

1) Around the neck


Now, I'm not talking about covering your face and becoming a member of a biker gang, but small changes can help improve the look of a bandana and enhance your appearance.

You can really play around with this, adding color and texture can be a big help when redesigning your outfit. By pairing a colorful bandana around your neck with a monochromatic outfit, black or gray for example, it will draw people's attention and create a focal point to your look.

How to tie a bandana around your neck:

  • Start by having your bandana fully unfolded into a square
  • Pinch the end and start folding diagonally, until you reach the opposite end
  • Tie it around your neck, leaving some excess to hang.


2) Around the head


Whether you're having a bad day with hair all over the place or just want to accessorize a little more, a bandana around your head can work in your favor.

Again, playing with colors and textures can really work in your favor. So go all out and try something new!

How to tie a bandana like a headband:

  • Fold your bandana lengthwise into a long rectangle, folding it into the corner you'll have at the end,
  • Then just wrap around your head where you feel most comfortable.


3) Around the leg


Probably not the first place you could put a bandana, but hear me out. Wearing a bandana around the leg may not seem like the most logical thing, but it can elevate a casual look.

It may not be for the faint of heart, but if you're feeling daring, give it a whirl. Tying it above your ankle breaks up the outfit.

Wearing a simplistic outfit, like jeans and a white shirt, is classic, but it can be a bit like a uniform. Wearing a red bandana around your ankle will add color to your look. It's a small detail that people may not see, but pulling up the bottom of your pants can show it brilliantly.

4) The pocket handkerchief type bandana


Now I know what you're thinking, that this isn't going to work. However, the pocket handkerchief bandana is actually a massive trend. Wear your pocket bandana with a suit (in a less formal occasion) to get the ultimate style upgrade.

How to fold a square pocket bandana:

  • First and foremost, iron your bandana. Unlike other styles, folds will not work on this occasion.
  • Lay your bandanna on a hard surface for the first fold - this is important to keep the square even.
  • Fold your bandana in half vertically
  • Now fold the bottom half up. This should be 2/3 of the way up depending on the size of your bandana, which should leave about 1/3 of the height unfolded.
  • Finally, slip the square of the folded pocket into your chest pocket. You often need to adjust your folds depending on the depth of your pocket.


Hairstyles with bandanas


Depending on the occasion, it's not always the best idea to adorn your head with a bandana. This is a look that usually works at festivals, but you can wear a bandana at any time.

Naturally bandana hairstyles work best if you have a little hair on your head.

Try tying your bandana around your forehead with your hair either above or below the bandana depending on your preference.


Bandana styles for men: what to wear?

Now that you know the tips and tricks for wearing the bandana, we thought we'd find some headers for what to wear and how to get the most out of your kerchief.


1) Smart Casual

If you want to elevate your casual and trendy wardrobe look no further.

Placing a bandana around your neck can take you from simple to bold in seconds, which is a safe addition to any white tee.

It's easy to adapt this look, but always be careful with your color choices. With any bandana, the color of choice is always for a gray or black blazer.

By keeping gray levels and neutral tones, keep the look of your bandana safe and not too seasonal.


2) Casual

If a blazer or jacket is too elegant for you, don't be deterred from wearing your bandana with a T-shirt.

Whether you're aiming for simplicity or want to play with pattern, tying a bandana is our favorite seasonal pastime. Be sure to opt for more than one color, such as blue, red, black or white, to keep the look fresh and on-trend with minimal effort.

Finally, we highly recommend keeping your outfit consistent and classic. With the T-shirt of your choice, throw on some indigo or blue jeans, or black pants.


Celebrities have adopted the bandana trend

Now if you're still not convinced about this bandana trend, then check out these celebrities who are doing it right:

  • Harry styles is new age rock: chic and trendy. And he chose the bandana as his accessory to tame his mane of hair.
  • Kanye West was named a fashion genius.... so it's only natural to copy his bandana look, right?
  • Tyga has a very distinctive hip-hop style, so if you want to dress in street wear we recommend you to get a camo bandana for this season.
  • Justin Bieber is probably one of the celebrities with the most diverse styles. Often he puts on a black bandana to adopt his street look.


Further Reading: History of the Bandana


The word bandana is thought to come from Hindi, it means a knotted or bound cloth.

However, the bandana has another name: the scarf. Now kerchief is from the French word couvre-chef, which means to cover the head. It is a square shaped piece of material, used for protection or decorative purposes.

Outside Western society, the bandana was used for a protective style (mainly women's hair) already before the 1970s.

But, for the Western world, they reached their peak in popularity in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Although they can be of any color or pattern, the traditional bandana is covered with a paisley print.

The bandana originated in India as large silk and cotton handkerchiefs, often printed with patterns. However, printed bandanas for clothing were first produced in Glasgow from cotton yarn.

Also, the bandana was used to communicate your gang affiliation, the most famous being the California gang, the Blood and the Crips. Both wore a red or blue bandana to identify the gang they represented - it was called an open display of gang colors.


Recap: How to wear a bandana for men


  • A unique way to wear the men's bandana is to wear it as an alternative to a tie.
  • A classic look is to wear your bandanna as a headband. Simple and practical.
  • For a subtle and alternative look, tie your bandana around your ankle while wearing loose jeans to show it off.
  • Finally, give your bandana a bit of class and wear it as a handkerchief.

Thus, the bandanas are a simple and economical way to update an outfit. You can wear them in a classic or more original way.

When in doubt, refer to this guide. Remember to avoid giving the impression that your bandana is an accessory put there by chance! It should complement your outfit as an integral accessory.

If you have succumbed to the urge to sublimate your style and are looking for quality bandanas, you will find your happiness through our beautiful collection of bandanas for men.

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