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How to tie a bandana around your face

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How to tie a bandana around your face

You will discover through this short article how to wear a bandana around the face, especially with our elastic bandanas.

Elastic neck warmers or bandanas are extremely versatile products that we recommend all travelers to take with them when they travel.

How to wear a bandana on the face as a neck warmer?

We will show you the many ways to wear it.


First of all, you may wonder what a neck warmer or elastic bandana is? It is a tubular bandana that has many more features than a simple bandana or headband.

They come in many materials and a wide variety of colors. My friends and I are crazy about them and we often find ourselves wearing them while hiking and traveling. Therefore, we always carry a variety of fabrics and patterns with us.


How to wear a bandana on your face


To do this, the simplest and most common method is to wear your bandana on your face like a cowboy.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Fold your bandana in half, diagonally, to make a triangle
  • Take the two ends and place the bandana on your face (at the level of the nose) with the point of the bandana downwards
  • Tie both ends at the back of your head

And there you go, simple and effective!


How to Wear a Face Shield Bandana - Our Favorites

I especially love the versatility that a Face Shield Bandana or neck warmer offers. There are many ways to wear it and I'd like to share my favorites with you. While they can be worn in many ways, the way to wear a Face Shield Bandana doesn't have to be complicated.


This is one of Clara's favorite ways to wear a Face Shield Bandana. She often folds it into a 3-4 inch headband and wears it over her ears.

Other times, she wears it like a conventional headband to tame her wild hair and flyaways.

This helps protect you from dust, wind and sweat when exposed to the elements while traveling.


2. Towel or scarf

This is one of my favorite ways to wear a Face Shield Bandana. I love that I can throw it over my head and around my neck in a pinch. It blocks the wind from my neck and also absorbs sweat from warmer climates.


This particular way of wearing a neck gaiter has come in handy on our recent trips to Africa and Norway.

This way of wearing it is as effective in hot countries as in cold ones.

  • In hot countries for example, we also used the Face Shield Bandana like a Balaclava to keep the thick dust out of our ears, nose and mouths during the days of expedition in the desert or very dry area during our 17 week trip in Africa.
  • In cold countries, it allows to keep your face warm and protect you from the cold breeze.


4.Do Rag

Another favorite of mine, I like to wear my Neckwrap this way when it's too hot and I want to keep the sun off my head. The lightweight elastic neckwraps and bandanas are really perfect for this.


Surprisingly, I love wearing it this way. Clara hates it, but for me, it keeps the sweat from dripping off my wrist onto my hand. It makes handling my video camera equipment easier when I'm hiking and trekking. It's also very easy for me to wipe my camera or forehead when there's dust on the trail.

There are obviously many ways to wear a Neck Cover, these are just a few of our favorites.


What materials are the face shield bandana we use?


One thing you may have noticed is that Face Shield Bandana are available in a variety of materials, shapes and designs. While the original UV tubular is the most popular, we decided to try a few other varieties as well.

The great thing is that with most Neckwarmers, despite the materials, you have several ways to wear them anyway.

1.merino wool

We each have a Face Shield Bandana made of merino wool. Merino wool is mostly used in high-end and performance sportswear used by people like you and me.

It is commonly used for hiking, running, cycling, backpacking and any other outdoor activity that requires a different performance than other fabrics.

Merino is the best performing fabric for regulating body temperature. Wool provides a little warmth, without overheating the wearer. It wicks all the moisture away from the skin. This Face Shield Bandana is used when we hike at high altitudes or in jungles with intense humidity.

2.polyester UV blend

We currently carry two UV neck warmers. They are made of a lighter weight microfiber polyester that is perfect for use in hot climates.

They have built-in UV protection and can be purchased in tubular, half tube and full length headband styles. We have two full length tube styles and one headband style.


Conclusion: how you wear a Face Shield Bandana is up to you

The main reason we offer them is that they are versatile.

They can be worn in many different ways, which makes them ideal for any situation we may find ourselves in during our travels or expeditions.

You really can't go wrong. If you're looking for your own versatile travel companion? There are many options of face shield Bandanas to choose from.

Below are some great options for men and women with excellent quality.

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