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Bandana meaning & definition

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Bandana meaning & definition

I - What is a bandana

A bandana is a piece of fabric shaped like a square or rectangle. Lightweight and comfortable, it can be worn in many different ways.

Named after a Hindi term meaning "to tie," the bandana became popular in the Old West as a method of removing sweat and dust from your face.

Today, they are associated with many different social groups, including gang members, criminals and rock fans. While the color of the scarf is important in identifying the person wearing it, its placement is also a key representation of the individual's group.


II - The various possible meanings of a bandana:

  • Gang Membership (Blood & Crips)
  • Hanky code
  • Outlaw
  • The colors of rock fans
  • simple taste / preference → fashion


The bandana has many meanings and uses that have evolved over time.

But no matter what, it remains and will always remain a unique and timeless fashion accessory.


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