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How to put a headband in your hair - Top 4

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How to put a headband in your hair - Top 4

The headband is one of those underrated hair accessories.

Nowadays, headbands for women are more classy than cute, but before you test this hair accessory again, We are here to help you.

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So through this short article we will 4 foolproof ways to wear a headband, whatever your style or desire of the moment.

Today's article is thus going to be a tutorial to show you how to style and wear a hairband.

I personally love this fashion accessory, because I think they are perfect for spring and summer because of their comfort and hold, very nice to put in your hair, so let's start.


Top 4 hairstyles and styles to wear a headband in your hair

1) Classic headband style

hairband hairstyle woman


Just put it around your head, pulling it under your hair. You can put it over your ears, or on the contrary use it to cover them, depending on your preferences.

It depends on what you're wearing. You can make it look really cute and understated, or you can wear it with basic colors and make it your piece that stands out and shows you off.

That's pretty much it for the first style, now we'll move on to the second style which is just as simple.

2) Turban style

hair band woman turban

Just like the first style, all you have to do is place your hair band around your head, only this time you are going to put it over your hair, not under it.

Make sure you center it at your forehead. There you go, simple and effective. This is my favorite style when I have a bad haircut or if I'm on a day where I don't really feel like doing any kind of hairstyle with my hair.

It allows me to simply and quickly fix my hair and camouflage imperfections.

3) Headband and braid

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This is a variation of the first style, in which you will actually make a braid with your hair.

So place the headband in a classic way, as for the first style, then bring your hair back and put it on the side (bring it back on the shoulder). Then do a nice little braid, personally I don't really try to do this tight and I want it to be super loose, but it's just a matter of taste, it's up to you how you feel most comfortable.

4) The bun

And here is the fourth and final look.

This time it's a variation of the second style. Start by styling your hair into a ponytail, and then place your hairband around your head (centered at the forehead and covering your ears).

photo women with headband hairstyle

All that's left is to style your hair into a bun. You can make different types of buns: from the simplest to the most developed and creative, according to your tastes and desires. The only limit is your imagination.

You are now ready to embellish your look. Thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it.

Now all you have to do is put on your headband and find the style that suits you best, or, get a headband if you haven't already!

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