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Blue Bandana


Add a unique and original touch to your outfit with one of our beautiful blue bandanas. Simplicity and elegance.


Blue Bandana meaning

Blue is statistically the most loved color in the world.

It most often symbolizes freedom and freshness. It is also associated with the sky and water.

However, its meaning may vary slightly depending on the hue of blue (indigo, turquoise, navy or light blue).

Indeed, there are many variants of blue: in its darkest variants with navy blue for example, it evokes loyalty and intelligence.

In its lighter variants, such as sky blue, it evokes dreams and youth.

The blue bandana has thus had different uses throughout history.


Gang: the Crips

One of the best known meanings of the bandana in the USA is as a symbol of belonging to the legendary Crips gang.

There are many versions on the origin of the gang's name, the most cited being an acronym for Community Revolution In Progress.

It was "Tookie" Williams created his own gang that he called the Westside Crips. The Crips became known as the Los Angeles Crips, and young people joined the gang.

At one point, the Crips outnumbered the other gangs three to one, and other small gangs joined them to form what would later become the Bloods.

The Crips have had many rival gangs, especially in Los Angeles, but the main and best known is undoubtedly the Bloods gang, which was recognizable by their use of a red bandana.

Hanky code : blue

Like any other bandana color, the blue bandana also had a specific meaning in the Hanky code.

As a reminder, the hanky code was a color code introduced by the gay community mainly in the 70s and 80s.

The principle was to wear a bandana of a specific color in your back pocket in order to make your sexual preferences and orientations known.

Fashion accessory


In addition to all its meanings and uses, the bandana (kerchief) can and is above all used simply for fashion.

Since blue is the most popular color in the world on average, it is logical that the blue bandana is a big success for all those who simply want to accessorize their outfit. We can weart it as a handkerchief, a neckerchief, a headwear or a geometric piece of clothe with paisley pattern.


But how to wear and how to tie it? There are many ways to wear this fashionable square piece of fabric: as a headband, in the hairs, as a pocket-square or handkerchiefs. It is easy to wear and goes well with many outfits.

So if you are simply looking to add a little extra to your outfit, without any particular meaning, the blue bandana is definitely a good option.

To diversify your style even more, you can also go for a white bandana. It is also a very good option to add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Our best blue bandanas


There are many different blue bandanas (kerchiefs), either by the color more or less dark, or by the patterns, we offer you a small selection of our favorite bandanas:

  • Crip Bandana : the legendary bandana used by the Crips gang. Is it still necessary to present it?
  • Light Blue Bandana : symbol of purity and youth, this light blue bandana will bring a real plus to your outfit.
  • Navy Blue Bandana : darker and more elegant is also a very good choice.
  • Royal Blue Bandana : perfect for a unique and royal look.
  • Plain Bandana : it has no pattern, just a beautiful blue color, simple and effective.


Buy a Blue Bandana


Now that you know everything there is to know about blue bandanas, all you have to do is choose the one that's right for you.

At RoyalBandana we offer a very wide range of bandannas:

  • of different sizes (22 Inch to 51 Inch)
  • different patterns : paisley print, solid, original, indian, gang, ...
  • different textures : cotton, polyester, silk, mix, ...

You will find the one that suits you to sublimate your style!

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