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Skull Bandana


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Bandana Skull meaning

1) The skull meaning and history

Death has always fascinated men.

Ignorance of what happens beyond it has made all the theories imagined. Each has his own on the subject, based on his religious beliefs, his culture or his personal experience.

But most of the time, uncertainty dominates! Faced with this doubt and fatality, humans choose to symbolize death in order to tame it. The most common representative of death is of course the skull or the reaper!


However, depending on the times, cultures or beliefs, the meaning of the skull varies.

For example, among Mexicans, the skull and crossbones are used during festive events that take place annually in early November for 48 hours. It is the "dia de los muertos" or in English: the Day of the Dead.

Far from being a moment of sadness or melancholy nostalgia, these celebrations are dedicated to celebration, song and dance. Altars are erected in homage to the dead.

In the American culture, it is presented and used by various groups and communities that we will detail below:


2) List of people who like and use skull bandana :


As a result of the influence of pirates, the skull has become synonymous with freedom from rules, insubordination, disorder and every man for himself.

For some people, wearing a skull on a piece of clothing or a vehicle is a way to assume their rebellious side, refusing the dictates of a society in which they create a special place for themselves.

Thus, for many people, proudly displaying their skeleton banner serves to claim their difference and their non-submission to the classic rules of society.

We find among these groups :

  • The bikers, who crisscross the roads with their bandana and skull jackets, including the famous Route 66, which connects the east to the west of the United States of America.
  • the rockers, for their rebellious side, especially in hard rock
  • the punk style followers,
  • the Gothics, who devote a certain cult to death, and thus often represent skulls and crossbones.
  • and even some rappers

    The best skull bandanas


    Whether you are a biker, rocker or gothic, we have selected for you our top 5 of the most emblematic and stylish skull bandanas:

    The bandana (kerchief) made for you will depend on the use you want to make of it.

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