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White Bandana


Style and elegance: wear one of our white bandanas and sublimate any of your outfits and your style without its globality.

White Bandana meaning

White is a masterful color.

It symbolizes purity, cleanliness and perfection.
It will thus bring shine and brightness to all your outfits.

It is besides the color used at the time of the weddings.


History of the bandana: from cowboys to hip-hop style

Bandanas (kerchiefs), worn by the builders of the Far West, were reintroduced in the 1960s and 1970s, and later added to the styles of young people in the 1980s.

Used by innumerable legends of US rap music, including Nàs & Tupac Shakur in Los Angeles, the bandana is an obligatory utensil.

They proclaimed that they represented a cultural and historical heritage.

Also worn by the legendary Rocky Balboa, who wore a bandana throughout his apprenticeship in the film that became cult.

Moreover, dressed in both fashion and sports, the bandana is worn by many male and female athletes.


White bandana : a fashion accessory


The white bandana, because of its clarity and purity is an excellent accessory to add a little touch of shine and elegance to any of your outfit or hairstyle.

But how to tie and how to wear this fashionable apparel and square piece of fabric?
There are an infinite number of ways to wear it and enhance your style:

  • as a headband around the head
  • around the neck cowboy style
  • on your head, Bohemian style
  • on the face, like a mask
  • around the wrist
  • around the ankle
  • or, for men, as a pocket-square or handkerchief in their suit jacket

You can also combine your white bandana (kerchief) with a black bandana, they are two complementary colors that will give you a unique and elegant style.

The only limit is your imagination.

Symbol of peace


White, because of its purity and clarity, is also the color symbol of peace.

You have all heard the famous white drape, used during wars to signify the end of a conflict or simply to let a camp know its peaceful intentions.

Thus embodying purity and peace with your white bandana tied in the way that best suits you.

Our best White Bandana


Beyond all these uses and general meanings, there are many models and variants of the fabulous fashion accessory with paisley print that is the white bandana.

We invite you to discover our selection of our favorite white bandanas:

  • White Paisley Bandana : with the most famous of the bandana patterns (the paisley pattern), it is without any doubt a must-have.
  • White Bandana Gang : for a more gangster / street style, this bandanna will suit you perfectly.
  • Plain White Bandana : simple and pure, it is the bandana to bring shine to your outfit par excellence.
  • Black and White Bandana : half white, half black, like ying and yang, a clever mix of two of the bandana's key colors.
  • Red and White Bandana : more daring and original, this mix of red and white is perfect to give you a unique look.

Buy White Bandana


Now that you've discovered our favorite white bandanas and what they mean, all you have to do is choose your own!

Standard or large size, classic or original pattern, cotton or polyester, the choice is yours.

In any case, we have no doubt that you will find the white bandana made for you through our RoyalBandana collection!

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