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Green Bandana

Discover our beautiful collection of green bandanas RoyalBandana. Perfect to get an original and elegant look.


Green Bandana meaning

Green is an emblematic color.

Often associated with luck and hope, it also represents nature and ecology.

If you're looking to attract luck or symbolize nature or calm and balance, then a green bandana is definitely for you!

Note that there are many variations of green: from the lightest (light green, olive, fluorescent green ...) to the darkest (dark green, khaki, ...).


Green is also often used for camouflage patterns as it is for example the case with our camo bandanas.


1. Bandana gang symbol

Also worn as a symbol of identification, as was the case with Californian gangsters like the Bloods, the bandana can be much more than a fashion beast.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Bloods and Crips wore red or blue bandanas to show their gang affiliation.

It is thus very appreciated by gangsters or rappers to get a very hip-hop or street look.


2. Green bandana : fashion & hairstyle


Apart from any special meaning, the green bandana, like any other bandana (kerchief), can simply be used as a fashion accessory, for the simple and good reason that you love color.

So how to wear and how to tie this fashionable apparel and square piece of fabric?

It can be worn and tied in many different ways depending on the style you are looking for.

You can wear it like a headband by folding it over itself until you get the desired thickness and then simply tie it on your forehead, around your head.

You can also wear it on your face, to protect yourself or to give you a unique style. You can even use it to make a mask!

It's up to you to find your style!


Our best green bandana


The green bandana exists in many variations and styles.

Here is a small selection of our favorite bandanas (kerchiefs) with paisley print to help you make your choice :

  • Green Bandana Gang : the bandanna par excellence for a gangsta and HIP-hop look.
  • Gang Bandana : a variant of the first one, darker, perfect for a street look.
  • Hiking Bandana : perfect to get a unique look on your hiking and walking days.
  • Lime Green Bandana : lighter, it will give color and shine to your outfits and hairstyles.
  • Solid Bandana : simplicity and purity embodied with its plain green color. Perfect for weart it as a handkerchief or pocket-square.

Buy Green Bandana


Now all you have to do is choose your favorite green bandana.

For that, at Royalbandana, bandana store N°1, you are at the right place!

We offer you a very large variety of green bandana: light green, dark green, fluorescent green, lime green, with paisley patterns or more original.

All in high quality materials (cotton, polyester and silk).

You will find the green bandana that is made for you!

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