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Red Bandana


Discover our magnificent collection of red bandanas: the most emblematic and widespread color of bandanas, and sublimate your outfit.

Red Bandana Meaning

Red is an emblematic color. It is a warm color that is one of the most popular colors in the world.

It is often associated and synonymous with passion, love and warmth. It is a very powerful color.

It can also in some cases be the symbol of danger, revolt or blood.


1) Symbol of belonging: Gang of Bloods


Among the many uses that the red bandana can have, one of the most famous is to be used as a symbol of gang membership.

This use comes mainly from the United States and in particular from one of their most famous gang: the Bloods.

The Bloods are very well known and widespread throughout the territory and are thus very easily recognizable by their systematic use of a red bandana.

They are to be contrasted with their biggest rival: the Crips, who are recognizable by the use of blue bandanas.

So if you are looking for a gansta look, the red bandana can be a very good option, but it is far from being its only utility and meaning.

2) Cowboy Bandana


The red bandana was also made very famous and popular through many westerns, in which the main character was often depicted with a red bandana around his neck.

And it's no coincidence, the bandana (kerchief) was indeed a very popular multifunctional accessory for cowboys in the Far West.

Among other things, it allowed to protect oneself from the sun and dust, but also to cover one's face so as not to be recognized.

If you are looking for a cowboy look, the red bandana is a great solution.

3) Man in the red bandana

The name of the red bandana is also often associated with "Men in the red bandana".

This man is Welles Crowther, a volunteer firefighter who died heroically on September 11, 2001 after saving the lives of 18 people.

He was known to often wear a red bandana from a young age.

He used a bandana to cover his face and protect himself from the smoke heroically during September 11th.

A documentary as well as a book has been made in his honor.

4) Hanky-Code


The hanky-code corresponds to a color code widely used in the 70s and 80s by the gay community to make its preferences known.

They used to wear a bandana in their back pocket.

Each color had a specific meaning, including the red bandana, which allowed them to make their preferences known at a glance.


Our best Red Bandanas


Discover some of the most popular and emblematic red bandanas with paisley print that we have to offer:

  • Cowboy Bandana : to have a real cowboy look and relive your favorite westerns.
  • Blood Bandana : perfect for a more street and gangsta style.
  • Red and Blue Bandana : a mix of the two most popular and popular bandana colors, blue and red. A really fashionable bandanna.
  • Burgundy Bandana : variant of the red bandana, will allow you to vary your look with a very elegant color.


Buy Red Bandana


If you are looking to buy a red bandana, you are at the right place, at RoyalBandana: bandana shop N°1.

You will find below a very large collection of red bandanas (kerchiefs): with paisley patterns, with polka dots, with original patterns, with skulls, in polyester, cotton, silk, cashmere or satin.

Whatever your style and the type of bandana you are looking for, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Red bandana: how to wear it & hairstyle


Once you have chosen your red bandana, you will have to decide how to tie it.

To wear a bandana, there are an infinite number of possibilities.

It can be used as follows:

  • as a headband;
  • as a mask on the face;
  • around the neck like a cowboy or a neck scarf;
  • around your wrist or leg;
  • in the pocket of your pants;
  • as a pocket-square or handkerchief;
  • as a neckerchief or a scarf;
  • tie on your bag to accessorize it.

If you have long hair, you can also use it to accessorize your hairstyle and your hair by tying it in various ways (ponytail, bun, fringe, ...).

If you are looking for other colors of bandannas, feel free to take a look at our other collections. You will find neon, turquoise, indigo, solid-color or even  black bandanas, for men, women and unisex.

Again, the only limit with this apparel and square piece of fabric is your imagination, so it's up to you to find your own style: unique and elegant!

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