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Bandana size & dimensions

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Bandana size & dimensions

What size is a bandana?  How big is a bandana? In this article we will answer to all this questions.

The bandana is a true timeless fashion accessory.

We will present you through this article all the different dimensions to which it can be found, so that you can best choose the one that suits you and that will best meet your needs.


1) Standard bandana size

Bandanas come in many different sizes, however, the most common size for unisex adult size bandanas is usually 22 Inch (55 cm x 55 cm), which is the standard size.

This allows enough length for everyone, except perhaps for the largest volume of hair.


There are also models in 24 Inch (60 cm x 60 cm).

When worn, a bandana is usually rolled up on itself like a headband, or, folded in half to form a triangle. It is then placed on the head, covering the hair with the corners on the sides and back.

The ends of the sides are pulled back and tied firmly to the back of the head.

But there are many other ways to wear and tie a bandana, whether it is for a hip-hop, pin-up or rock style.


2) Large Size Bandana or Scarf

An oversized bandana is generally considered to be oversized from 27 Inch (70 cm) on each side. However, bandanas also exist in larger sizes.

Among these large bandanas are the bandanas scarves. These can be square or rectangular in shape. In all cases they are excellent fashion accessories to bring a real touch of elegance and originality to your outfit.

They generally measure 35 Inch (90 cm x 90 cm).


This type of bandana is distinguished by its variety, ranging from classically tied scarves to models already made up, with laces and elastics.

There are also larger bandanas, such as the Bandanas Designs, which measure for example 51 Inch (130 cm x 130 cm).


3) Child and baby Bandana Dimension 

A child's bandana usually measures about 17 Inch (45 cm by 45 cm).

There are also bandana bibs, triangular in size, which themselves measure 16.5x12x12 Inch (42.5x30x30cm).


They're perfect for fulfilling their utilitarian role as a bib while adding a touch of style and elegance to your baby.

4) Dog Bandana Size

These are generally adjustable in size to adapt to the morphology and size of all types of dogs.

They are generally triangular in shape and range from 5 Inch (13 cm) to 10 Inch (26 cm) in length.


However, some people prefer to use standard bandanas for their dogs, which is quite possible, even if according to the dogs, they may not stay in good condition for very long.

You now know all about the different sizes and dimensions of bandanas. All you have to do is choose according to your taste and the use you want to make of them.

Whether paisley bandanas or more original colors, they will, whatever happens, enhance your outfit in all circumstances.


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